If you’re facing challenges in your small business due to a change in circumstances, you can end up:

  • Seeing your income drop, as you struggle to maintain clarity of focus, enthusiasm and sales
  • Wondering why you are bothering, but feeling bad because others depend on you
  • Unable to actually physically work – your body won’t let you (or it’s opposite – keeping busy to the point of sheer exhaustion)

Whatever the cause of your changed circumstances,  it can have a dramatic impact on your work or business.

Suddenly, everything is different.
You may know you need to move forward but you just can’t do what you did before easily. Even though work requires it, your business demands your attention, or your family are insisting, somewhere you are different and you can’t, and don’t want to, change that.

This means choosing to awaken to the gift that is awaiting you. 

Sometimes the gift within is hidden, so much that it becomes impossible to imagine there could ever be one. But it will be there. And if you want yourself and your business to thrive,  as opposed to just survive, it will really work to discover the gift.

Wild Wisdom can help you do that – to find your gift, to use it in your work and business life, to be true to the new person you are now.

I know this because it’s how I got through my grief since Philip, my husband and business partner,  died in 2011. I would never have imagined at the time that there could be a gift in that, but there has been.

And I can help you find yours. (Read more about me here.)

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The first step in moving forward healthily is admitting what is actually happening, right now. Fully. In your body.

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