10 Simple Ways to Start Thinking Rich

I just came up with this list the other day, they all spilt out of my head like a can of beans being turned upside down.

1. Always say ‘How can I afford it?’ instead of ‘I can’t…’

2. Decide to always see the glass half full

3. Decide what is enough for you and affirm you always have it

4. Buy yourself one item that is of quality rather than 3 of a cheaper quality

5. Tell yourself ‘I love you and you’re worth it’ every day in the mirror

6. Be grateful for what you already have in your life

7. Decide to say Yes to something you’d usually say No to

8. Create a Virtuous Circle – keep thinking success thoughts about yourself

9. Stop blaming someone or something else for what’s happening in your life

10. Do something different today from what you usually do

Happy Rich Thoughts!


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