12 New Guidelines for Your 21st Century Conscious Business


There’s no doubt about it, business has to be done a different way than it has been ever done before. Why? Because we (ie society) will only continue to get what we have always got if we don’t change. And who wants to continue with a system that has become so corrupt, so based on fear, and the poor decisions that fear causes? We are being required to up our game, and at a small business level it is easy to do – it just requires some commitment. Inspired by Cheryl Richardson’s recent blog post, I’ve put together twelve guidelines for 21st century conscious business. Have a look at them below, see what you already do, and what you might like to do; adapt them for yourself, and then commit to behaving this year as a 21st century conscious business owner. Print them out and put them where you can easily see them, and look at them regularly to remind yourself!

1. I take a break for lunch everyday and do something unrelated to work. I particularly take the opportunity to go outside and get some fresh air, even if just for 5 minutes.

2. I commit to a healthy balance between my work and my leisure hours, understanding that any more than 90 minutes of focused work easily becomes counterproductive.

3. I take the time each day to look at my business from a
, so I can be sure I am getting my priorities in the
right order, working on what really matters, not what appears to

4. I make sure my working environment is conducive to
, grace and productive work by keeping it free of clutter, lit
brightly and including a spider plant to help sop up the emissions
from the computer.

5. I drink plenty of water every day, especially when at my

6. I consistently ask myself ‘is this something that only I can
and when the answer is no, I delegate graciously and with
confidence, thereby empowering others.

7. I pay great rates for highly competent, talented people to
support what I am doing.

8. When working at home, I ask friends and family to
respect my boundaries
and not interrupt me during these

9. I allocate times in my work schedule to answer emails
(not more than three times per day) so that I can focus on tasks
and priorities with the best of my energy.

10. I say ‘No’ when asked to take on more than I think I
can handle gracefully

11. I say ‘Yes’ to opportunities, even when feeling fearful
or anxious about the outcome. I choose to expand rather than
limit myself.

12. I invite inspiration regularly by stopping, being still,
and only then acting.

5 thoughts on “12 New Guidelines for Your 21st Century Conscious Business

  1. Great post, Jane -and I’m delighted to see how many of these 12 points I am, at long last, practising!

    I am still struggling with (3) – with email and social media alerts coming the whole time, the urgent does too often take over the important.

    Also (10) – I am far too optimistic about how much I can actually accomplish in one hour…

    But (12) is so important… you phrase it beautifully, saying “invite inspiration”. I ask “please show me the choice that is in my best interest, for my greatest fulfilment and highest potential” and inviting inspiration is a powerful addition to that.


  2. Excellent – such a wonderful and practical list. Especially liked the one about the emails – have felt for some time the need to have a ‘rule’ about maybe only opening my emails at certain times of the day.

    As an ex-secretary always remember the rule about only working on the pc for one hour then having a 10min break – that can include tel work, filing etc and to remember to stretch the eyes – when working close up to then look outside at the furthest point, then bring back to close and extend again for a few times.

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