How to move from where you are to somewhere even better….

Down in the dumps. Tears flowing, negativity overwhelming me, self-pity and fury rising up in me like a torrent of water. AAAAAGH!

That was this morning.

If there’s one thing about feelings you can guarantee, it’s this: they will always change.

So this afternoon, after a few more ups and downs, I’m sitting in our local tea shop (all very old-fashioned, nice and soothing), asking myself this question:

If I took the noose off from around myself, what would my life look like?

Then there were plenty of answers, none of which I felt particularly connected to. Each sentence began with ‘I would…’.Looking back over them, I decided to change the ‘I would…’ to ‘I am…’. Then I noticed a difference!

And what a difference! If my feelings are a guide to what’s going on in my life, then more often than not I want to be feeling good. How to do that without skipping over the bad-feeling stuff that we all have in contrast to the good-feeling stuff? Well, this was one way. I highly recommend it.Let your imagination go in the first instance, and then watch what happens when you start saying ‘I am…’.

The trick at this point is to let yourself feel the truth of these statements in the moment. Given that I create my own reality by my thoughts and feelings, the more I feel this kind of yummy feeling the better!

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