How to Have Fun with Money in 3 Easy Steps

There’s an awful lot of £50 notes lying around your house!’ exclaimed a friend of mine at my birthday party. I grinned.

‘Yes – have you looked at them closely though?’

She picked one up ‘It’s a table napkin!’ she shouted, and dissolved into laughter. “I’d been thinking ‘Jane’s being very rash, leaving all this money lying around’ and all the time it was just a table napkin!”

Those £50 notes (and £20’s and £10’s) are actually paper napkins that I was given by a dear friend. It was she who suggested leaving them lying around the house, and consequently every time I see a note out of the corner of my eye, I see wealth, abundance, riches – and I smile! These napkins are now out of print, but you can order fake money here and play with it yourself.

It is so easy to have heavy, depressing energy around money, and if you are in business for yourself this really doesn’t work! So getting yourself some fake money and finding ways to play with it is a great way to begin to change that energy.

A £50 note is the second way to have fun with money – this time though, you need a real one! It’s not for actual spending, just spending in your imagination. Keep it in your purse or wallet. Each time you glimpse it, notice also what you could spend it on – £50 worth of food or wine; that lovely jumper; that add-on to your computer.  Because you are spending in your mind, you get to spend that £50 over and over and over. Keep a note of how many times you spend that £50, because it’s easy to spend several thousands in one day, and you’ll want to know how much you have spent and what on at the end of the day.

This is a way of having real fun with money from an energetic point of view – and that is the point – to expand your energy around money and cash. Expansive energy allows flow; contracted energy causes a blockage. So anything you can do to expand your energy is going to work for you.

The third way to have fun with money is to play  The Prosperity Game. Here’s how you do it:

1. Create an imaginary bank account. You could use an old cheque book and paying in book of an actual account; or an accounting programme on your computer; or even create a simple notebook system for income and expenditure and then use pieces of paper for paying in and paying out. Or to really have fun, create your own cheque book and paying in system on the Bank of Magnificent Abundance.

2. Day One: pay yourself £1000. Deposit it into whatever system you are using and notice how it feels. Then spend it. Write out cheques to spend all that money – one cheque for one big thing, or several for lots of things or experiences. However you spend it, you are to spend it all.

3. Day Two: pay yourself £2000. And then spend that.

4. Day Three: pay yourself £3000. Guess what, you get to spend that too!

And so you carry on. When I first did this I completed a total of 45 days, having an incredible experience of abundance and fun! I suggest doing it for 30 days and then see how you feel.  By then you will have paid yourself £477,000 – and spent it all.

Wow! When you know you are going to receive more the next day, it is amazing the effect it has. Try it and see! And if you are enjoying the feeling, continue on for as long as you like.

You will be expanding your limited ideas of abundance, and what exactly you would do, and how you would feel having this money. By continuing to challenge yourself regarding what you are receiving, knowing it has to be spent too, you will be opening your energy to more and more abundance at all levels in your life.

The last two exercises have been adapted from Ask and It Is Given
by Esther and Jerry Hicks, where the energetic aspects of playing with money are discussed. You can get a copy for yourself here.

So I invite you to play all three games, or choose just one and explore it for a month or so. Pay attention to how you feel about money within this time; see what comes up for you that needs to be healed; bring kindness and compassion for yourself into the process if you need to, but above all, lighten up and have fun with it!

6 thoughts on “How to Have Fun with Money in 3 Easy Steps

    • Yes, it’s the mental resistance that really shows us where we are stuck. Then of course, we have a choice to do something about it! So if you’re reading this, take note if you don’t manage to get around to doing any of these games, and ask yourself if there is any pay-off in your money situation staying the same way…

  1. This reminds me of Paul McKenna’s concept of the Wealth Thermostat; that we all have a comfort level regarding money, and that by changing the way we think and feel about money, we can raise our Wealth Thermostats.

    • Wealth Thermostat is a good way of putting it; I refer to this as your Money Comfort Level. It’s funny how even when more money comes your way, circumstances often seem to dictate that you still end up with the same amount of money in your account! That’s the Money Comfort Level, or Wealth Thermostat at play.

  2. Hi Jane it is difficult when we learn things we were hoping not to face. My ex-husband has an uncle who has bone cancer, they told him eight years some fifteen years ago, he is a vicar and believes in prayer and only started on drugs some four years ago, so belief in the othere sides, mental, spiritual and taking time out for ourselves are important. For everyone who reads your story be assured that everyone of those is sending both of you love and healing.

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