7 Everyday RichThinking Actions

7 RichThinking Daily Actions for high-level RichThinking living!

1. Begin your day by focusing on what you do want, not what you don’t want. Look forward to the things you have in your schedule and determine that you are going to find the riches in all of these situations.  This only takes a few minutes and sets the context for your day.

2. Sing a Success Song to yourself while you’re having a shower or getting dressed. Even if you don’t feel very successful first thing in the morning, by directing your energy this way, you’re doing the same as the first point, and setting your tone for the day.

3. Decide you’re willing to notice when you have any thought or feeling that is less than a rich one. This means that as soon as you notice you’re feeling anything less than OK, you’ll choose to focus on something rich in your life that already exists. This action requires a commitment from you, not just once, but a repeated commitment, every day. That’s why starting your day with No. 1 sets you up to notice what might be getting in the way of you having your day be the way you want it.  Then you have the choice to change it.  Noticing means exactly that – no judgment, no beating yourself up. Just noticing; observing and opting to consciously think and feel in a manner that supports yourself and your business, rather than taking away from it.

4. Vow to leave complaining in the rubbish bin today. When you catch yourself moaning, or criticising, or just generally finding fault, say STOP to yourself, turn around (in reality or in your mind’s eye) and view the situation from a different perspective, choosing to see only the things that make you feel good about the situation.  Use blinkers if you have to.  Do anything that helps you to focus on the richness of wherever you are.  As a last resort, distract yourself.  But try the other things first!  Also known as veering, and part of what we do on The RichThinking Way, this does take a willingness to honour yourself and commit to the highest in you.

5. Have a nap during the day when you notice you’re slowing down. Even if you don’t notice, take 20 minutes out to lie down if you can, and if you’re at the office, find somewhere else to go (perhaps at lunchtime) to sit in a different environment, and CLOSE YOUR EYES.  Closing your eyes is the crucial bit. You can help yourself with this by preparing in advance and having some soothing music to listen to, or a relaxation audio.  Even if you’ve only got 5 minutes, that’s better than nothing – and to help you in this you can listen to my husband’s audio, The 5 Minute Relaxation CD.

6. Take time out when you get crabby. Let’s face it, we all get crabby from time to time. When it happens, stop what you’re doing, move to another place if at all possible, remind yourself of No. 3, and take a deep breath.  Acknowledge you’re feeling emotion, name it if you can, ask yourself what’s really going on, and be honest with your answer! Use No. 4 if necessary.  Listen to what your inner wise being says you need to do next, if anything, and act on that. (Remember you inner wise being will only ever tell you to do good nurturing things. If you think you’re being told to stuff your face with chocolate, or alcohol, or do anything else of an addictive behaviour, then it’s not your inner wise being, it’s your inner cheeky sod!)

7. End your day with a review of what’s happened, and be thankful. No matter what has gone on, look for the things you did enjoy, that did work out well, that nourished you.  Say thank you for them. Then acknowledge any other things that you didn’t like quite so much, and be grateful for those too, if you can.  It all adds up to an amazing day in the life of an incredible human being – you.  Let yourself go to bed and into sleep, allowing that sleep to waft over you and take away any worries or concerns. Relax and let go.

If you do these actions every day, or more often than not anyway, then you’ll begin to make serious changes in how you view life and therefore what you get out of it.  It was easy for me to sit here and write this, and I know from my own experience that it’s not so easy just to do it. But I also know that if you’re clear about what you want in life, and you are willing to back yourself, then doing these actions becomes much easier.  They simply become steps to take on the wonderful walk of life.

2 thoughts on “7 Everyday RichThinking Actions

  1. Hello Jane

    Thanks so much for this. I’ve just sung a song to my back! I got into real difficulties with it this week – it seized up and very painful. I managed to get an osteopathy appointment yesterday and am on the mend. My song was affirming that my back is strong and changing and getting better.

    Thank you also for reaching out about Philip’s op. next Monday and I will definitely join everyone to hold the light in the operating theatre – and for you too who I’m sure won’t be far away. This stuff really does work – I know you know that but I wanted to say it anyway! lots of love, Del

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