Are You Being Ruled by Your ‘Inner Book-keeper’ (or are you the one doing the ruling)?

Your Inner Book-keeper is the part of you that somehow knows roughly what you are spending, what your budget is if you have one, how much is coming in, what you should spend money on, and what you shouldn’t. She or he is also likely to tell you off if you overspend, or spend on something it considers to be wasteful; and rarely compliment you on anything other than when money comes in!  Your Inner Book-keeper also likes to daydream about receiving large sums of money – or even just enough to get you what you want. Do you recognize this?


If so, then you’ll want to know whether you (the real you) is in charge of this book-keeper, or whether you’re being held hostage by him/her. 

So how do you find out?


There’s one simple way. If you’ve noticed that no matter what amount of money you happen to bring in, you seem to never have much more profit (ie your expenses keep going up too), then you’ve hit your Money Comfort Level.  This is a level that many people have which keeps them safe within the boundaries of a lifestyle that is familiar and comfortable to you – even if it isn’t what you say you want.  For example, how often have you heard yourself say ‘I intend to bring in £x this month’ – and it happens. Wonderful!  But then, almost unbelievably, an unexpected expense occurs, and wipes out what extra has been created.


Your Inner Book-keeper can very quickly appear to arrange things in the world to cause financial disasters just after you have raised your prices, or have landed a bigger order than usual, or have given yourself a raise in your salary.  There’s no end to it’s creativity!  That’s what I noticed when I was first employed, let alone self-employed – no matter how big a raise I got, at the end of each month, there was still nothing in my bank account.


That was when I first knew that the amount of money you have is nothing to do with anything other than how you think about it (well, of course there are certain practical principles that have to be borne in mind, like having systems in place to encourage you to save or spend, but even with these, it’s your attitude to them that really makes a difference).


So if you want to raise your MCL, then you need to do any or all of these three things:


1. Get comfortable with more noughts.

That’s how I used to refer to big numbers, like millions. There are more noughts involved when you bring in more money. If you’ve got any kind of ‘stuff’ going on about them, that’s your MCL operating and so practicing getting comfortable with the noughts is essential.  Thinking about how someone acts who brings in many more noughts is a good start – because then you’ll begin to change your behaviour too.


2. Analyse what your Inner Book-keeper is really doing – do you have systems and structures set up to monitor your income and expenses – and is your business income and expenditure separate from your personal money?  If not, get these systems set up. Of course then you have to operate them (hands up everyone who only does their figures once a year for the taxman!) . Yes, I know that feeling too, but when you begin to give your Inner Book-keeper the opportunity to do their job properly (using the systems) then you’ll begin to find that they are doing what you tell them, rather than the other way around.


3. Watch out for what you say and think about money. Write down everything you notice you think or feel about it for a week and then analyse it. What does it say about you and your relationship with money?  Attend to this in a more positive way and watch your MCL begin to rise.


If you attend to these things, you’ll be well on the way to creating the conditions necessary for your Inner Book-keeper to do his or her job properly – that is, to serve you – you, the person who has expanded their mind, thoughts, and feelings;  heart, body and soul to welcome more money in unreservedly.


6 thoughts on “Are You Being Ruled by Your ‘Inner Book-keeper’ (or are you the one doing the ruling)?

  1. Hi Jane, thanks for this interesting article! I saw alot of myself / and my wifes attitude to that MCL for sure, so thanks for the tips. Hope to be adding noughts without fear or guilt in the future!

    Ps Good luck on your forthcoming trip too, safe journey to and from … and I hope that inspiration,creativity, love and light guide you too. Dave

  2. Hi Jane
    Great post and actually exactly what I’ve thinking about in the last few weeks.
    I am about to step outside of my own comfort zone in business and try something new!
    I want it to be a success but I’m also wondering will I really be able to see the money I make or will it disapear into all of the expenses I have?

    This morning I pulled an angel card, the title was “debt free” and I thought wouldn’t that be amazing. So it feels like a conspiracy to get me thinking about being comfortable adding more noughts!!
    Thank you and I really hope you have a wonderful trip that sets you up for an amazing future, personally and professionally.

    You’re already an angel sharing your words and ideas and I can’t wait to see whats in store for you.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for this post, it fitted in nicely with starting a new clinic in London which came to me in a meditation.
    I wish you a wonderful trip and expansion into your new version of you.
    Blessings, Catherine.

  4. Thank you Jane for this thought provoking article, it definitely resonated with me. I wish you all the very best for your journey and thank you also for sharing this with us. I love your transparency and honesty 🙂

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