Business advice from Louise Hay!

I came across an interview with Louise Hay, founder of Hay House Publishing,  from about five years ago, where she was asked what advice she had for small business owners. Here’s what she said:

‘Oh, my goodness! Get up in the morning, and bless your business. Bless the business! Bless the transportation you are going to use to get there. Bless the front door and every piece of merchandise in your store. Bless everybody who works for you and with you. Bless all the suppliers. Bless them with love. Bless every person who walks in that door with love.

Mentally put so much love and joy within and around your establishment that it is a magnet for people. The worst thing you can do is say, “Oh, business is bad, and the economy is poor,” and all that crap, because that surrounds your business and indwells your business with poverty thinking.

Instead, you say things like, “My business grows — constantly grows! My prosperity is constantly increasing. This store is fabulous! It is a magnet for people!” That’s the sort of mental attitude a store owner needs to have.

With that attitude — and by practicing it on a daily basis — you will be amazed at what happens with your business. And F. U. C. K. the economy! Your store’s well-being has nothing to do with the economy. It has to do with your consciousness.

The last thing at night, before you go to bed, just bless everybody with love and say, “Life, you handle my store. I’m going to sleep.”’

When I read this, I so loved it that I just had to share it with you!  If you want to read the whole interview, click here, it’s inspiring to hear the background story of someone who started small (in her own front room), and who, step by step, holding her vision of all being well and things working for her highest good, has ended up where she is today.

And so it is!

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