Can You Really Surrender Your Goals to the Universe?

In my first book Choose Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, I wrote
in the introduction about using an affirmation that said “Today I
receive a letter from Paul’. I was in India, having set off with a friend
from London on a journey to find an old boyfriend. I knew he was
somewhere in Indonesia, I’d arrived in India en route, and had
written to the boyfriend giving him my poste restante address. So in
Goa, land of beautiful beaches and stunning scenery, I was making
a daily trip to the Post Office to see if he had written to me.

Every day that I was there I was disappointed; for over five weeks,
no letter arrived. Well, it’s hard to stay in disappointment in such
lovely weather, relaxing and exploring Panaji, meeting new people
and generally having fun. But each day started with my Post Office
trip, and each day I had a nugget of sadness as I wished the letter
would come.

Eventually I decided just to go to Bali, where I knew he liked to
be, to see if I could find him. For someone who was not keen on
traveling alone, this was a big step! And to cut a long story short,
I did eventually find him, we had an interesting reunion – and then
split up in Thailand some weeks later! But the point of me telling
you this is to illustrate the power of the words, or affirmations that
we use.

I was trying very hard to control events with the affirmation I was
saying. I thought I knew what I wanted (the letter), and from what I
knew about affirmations at the time, I thought I was doing the right

Not so much later on though, and certainly by the time I came
to writing the book, I realized that the particular affirmation I was

using was more about control than anything else. I was trying to
manipulate life into giving me what I thought I wanted. It would have
been better to say something like ‘I meet the perfect people at the
perfect time
’ and trust that what happened was supposed to be

In your business, think about what it is you say you want. It might
be more clients, expansion, or more money flowing easily. But if
you find you are tempted to say affirmations like
I have £10,000 in my account right now’, or ‘Ten more clients are
winging their way towards me now
’, or ‘My business expands by
hundreds of thousands this year
’, then just pause and think again.
Could this be a way of trying to manipulate the Universe to do what
YOU think is best for you?

Would it be more loving towards yourself if you were to say
something more gentle, like ‘My income is constantly increasing

(one of Louise Hay’s favourites), ‘The ideal clients for me, and the
ideal number of them. find their way easily to me now
’, and ‘My

business bank account grows daily as I tend and nurture it with

This may fly in the face of traditional goal setting, which says things
like ‘you must specify numbers and the time by which you want
something to happen’. Well, there may be a case for that from the
traditional point of view. But I ask you – how do you know that the
timing you want is the perfect timing for you? How do you know
that the numbers of clients you think are right, is indeed the right
number? We don’t really know, we only think we do. Open yourself
to all possibilities – the Universe is so much more imaginative and
incredible than our limited minds, and if you say affirmations that
allow for all possibilities, then you are opening the door to – well,
who knows?

For example, I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined
when I sold our clinic that it would have gone to one of our
practitioners. I thought I knew them all, and their financial situations,
so it never occurred to me that one of them would be interested.
Fortunately my affirmations at the time were all open-ended, and
when I went to visit some premises to see if they would be suitable
for prospective new Clinic owners, I was amazed to find one of our
practitioners sitting in the coffee shop next door, having just been
to view the exact same premises with the idea of buying the Clinic!
(Which is what happened in the end).

So keep your affirmations open, and your mind open, and trust that
the Universe has your best interests at heart at all times, even when
it doesn’t appear to be that way. Like another of Louise’s favourites
Out of this situation only good can come’, opening your heart and
mind in your affirmations will allow all kinds of miracles to come
your way.

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  1. I have been doing affirmations lately and using the method of specifying what I want. This is a timely reminder to me that I should stay open to all the good things the Universe wants to send my way rather than limiting myself through my own experiences and beliefs. Thank you Jane.

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