The Wild Wise Woman Manifesto

A Wild Wise Woman is:

  • a woman of any age who has a passion which she wants to flaunt to the world
  • a woman who confidently engages with life, while allowing room to welcome ALL feelings
  • a woman who says what she thinks!

A Wild Wise Woman:

  • lavishes love upon herself and those whom she loves
  • knows the value of self-first versus selfishness
  • dares to drape her beautiful body in gorgeous colours, luxuriant fabrics and wacky accessories!
  • utterly loves her body with all it’s beauty and it’s challenges
  • loves to move her body (dancing, walking, hiking, running, swimming, making love)
  • can say ‘I love you’ to herself in the mirror and know it’s true
  • adopts intimacy as a playmate

A Wild Wise Woman:

  • finds solace in stillness and silence
  • is first and foremost married to herself
  • knows the source of life is who she really is
  • allows her natural sensual nature to flow through every aspect of her life, including her business
  • works in tandem with spirit, discerning no separation between them
  • dares to take risks based on her intuition
  • has creativity as her bedfellow, plays with it often and has it flowing through her business
  • plays at her work – has fun, enjoys what she does and inspires others to do the same
  • has plenty of time for naps, long weekends, creative breaks and freedom

A Wild Wise Woman also:

  • isn’t afraid to do business differently from the accepted wisdom
  • loves to learn, grow and change
  • values the light hiding in the darkness, and explores until she finds the switch
  • asks herself ‘Am I enjoying myself?’ and stops if the answer is no
  • knows when to let her own inner kid out to play and when to be an adult
  • isn’t afraid to express herself in any way she feels is full, blooming and nourishing
  • is heaven on earth made manifest
  • regularly strays from her comfort zone and finds new ways of expression

And she can complete this sentence: 

If you asked me what I came into this world to do I will tell you.

I came to….

What did I, Jane Duncan Rogers, come here to do?

To fully embrace life, love with all my heart, share it with others and basically reach out and hug everyone! Telling and sharing with them that THIS is what life is meant to be like.

I came to shout from the cliff tops:

“This!  This radiance, this brilliance!  You can have it too!  THIS is what life is – open  your heart and come and receive it now!”

Which quality of this manifesto is your favourite?

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When Affirmations Definitely Don’t Work

I can’t say that!
That’s not true, though.
That’s just silly.
No, I won’t say that!
How can I say one thing while believing another?

These are all responses I have heard recently from one source or another when the person has been faced with saying a positive affirmation as a way to begin to counteract a belief they would rather not have. Here’s an example:

Negative Belief: I never have enough time to do all that I want to do.
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A new way of seeing your affirmation

I heard a great suggestion for an affirmation today.  When you say to yourself ‘I am a successful business person‘ (or whatever your affirmation is) you might find it difficult to believe.

Usually I suggest that you check out the Step by Step Rich Thoughts process to help you get to a plac where you really do believe it, and feel it to be true.

However, here’s another idea: instead of saying ‘I am…‘ replace it with ‘He says….‘ or ‘She thinks….‘.

So the statement becomes:

He says I’m a successful business person, or She thinks I’m a successful business person.

It’s coming in the back door of the mind and catching it unawares. Try it with your next affirmation and see what happens!

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