3 hidden home truths about business that hardly anyone talks about

  1. Just because you have a very professional looking website does not mean you are financially successful.

    Not at all, in fact!  I know several people who have fabulous websites and are just scraping by, and some who have pretty ordinary websites, even boring, but are making plenty of money.  Moral: when designing your website, make sure you have all the critical components but don’t spend hours trying to get it ‘right’. Better to apply the maxim ‘done is better than perfect’ (especially as there is no ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ to get).

  2. When someone tells you it will work because it worked for them – the truth is, it might!  And it might not.

    What works for one person does not necessarily work for even one other person. Even if they do exactly what they have been told. Think about it – how on earth can it?  No two minds are alike.  You cannot know what is going on in the mind of another, so regardless of what someone else says (including me) how can you guarantee the results that person can get?

    On the matter of guarantees – many business owners/websites will guarantee results or your money back. Some will give it, some won’t.   They may indeed feel very confident about their product, so confident that they are happy to give money back. But let’s be clear, what’s really going on here is that any concerns you have about paying for the product are being addressed, so that you will buy it.  A guarantee simply helps to make you feel safe, which makes it easier to buy.

  3. Setting goals is not the be-all and end-all.

    It has been proven statistically for a long time now that if you set a goal you are more likely to reach it. For example, when you think about travelling somewhere, that is true. Unless you deliberately set off without any knowledge of where you want to end up, in which case you’re not playing the goal-setting game, then you will by default have chosen a goal. Buy a train ticket to Inverness and you have your goal – to arrive in Inverness.

    However with a business, goals tend to be along the lines of ‘I want 10 more clients’ or ‘My goal is to increase sales by 25%.  Clear, well defined, albeit without a date, which usually goal aficionados ask you also to set.   This is all based on encouraging you to keep taking regular actions which will enable you to arrive at your goal. And there’s nothing wrong with any of this – unless you are not enjoying the process, or discover when you get your goal that actually it’s not quite what it was made out to be.   If that’s what’s happening, then stop playing the goal-setting game. See what happens when you just turn up in life and your business instead. (Yes, that is the extreme opposite, and I don’t necessarily advocate that, but it is interesting to play with this!)  Usually I invite people to set an Intention-Direction (ID) instead.
    You can read more about them here.


How to cope when your heart drops at the very word ‘goals’.

Does your heart drop when you hear the word goal or goal setting? Or even New Year resolutions?   Have you gone off goals in a big way because of just not achieving them? Or realize you give up on your resolutions somewhere around the end of January? 

Dare I say it, have you even gone off setting an intention, or manifesting what you want? Perhaps because even if it did happen in the past, it didn’t turn out quite how you wanted?

I’ve definitely been in that place. Continue reading

Discover Why Your Why Is So Important

‘I know why it’s so important to know why I’m doing my business’, said a colleague the other day. Despite the slightly clumsy sentence, I nodded, my ears pricked up for what sounded like the beginning of an interesting conversation.

“It’s because when times get tough I can remember what got me into it in the first place and that’ll get me through”. She continued to talk about her particular business as I pondered whether this was really true or not.

For me, it’s only partly true. Sometimes when the going has been tough I have indeed remembered why I got into my business. But some of the time I have questioned that very decision, with mutterings to myself like ‘why did I ever start this?  What on earth possessed me to move somewhere where hardly anyone lives?  Why did I ever read that book, which was the beginning of my business challenges? Or even ‘I don’t care any more about making a difference to others, I just want to make enough money!’ and so on.  So I’m not totally convinced that this is the main reason why knowing your why is important. Continue reading

How to Cope When You’ve Outgrown Your Business (Part 2)

Last week I shared about how I’m rediscovering the essence of RichThinkers, which for me is about awakening and inspiring you to grow your business from a place connected with your passion, purpose and presence.

Notice the lack of another ‘p’ word – profit. This is not because profit is not important, but profit without you:

  • fulfilling your purpose in being alive
  • feeling passionate about what you do
  • shining who you are in the world

is empty profit, no matter how much actual money you are making.

It’s very likely that money is not your prime motivator for doing what you do. If you think it is, then think again because underneath the requirement and perhaps need for money, will be something else that is driving you. Something that made you choose to live your life the way you do, and express yourself through your business. And this is the first stage in stepping out into the world in a bigger way. Continue reading

Gentle Intent – How to Tap into the Creative Force of the Universe (and Not Mind What Happens!)

Goals, Intentions, Desires, Wants, Needs, Necessaries, Gentle Intent.

What to do? Buddhism and many other philosophies tell us that desires are the very things that will hamper us getting what we want. Law of Attraction (LOA) principles state you must desire, then ask for it, then be willing to receive it; and then there is the more traditional, Western approach to goal-setting, where you are encouraged to set a goal and do what it takes to achieve it. This is all so confusing! Who is right? Well, my answer is all and none of them. Continue reading