Where Does Your Wisdom Come From?

When things are not working, when you’re trying hard, when life just seems to deliver you one setback after another, what do you do?Well, hopefully, you soften and listen to your own wisdom, wild or otherwise!

But where does it come from? What exactly is your wisdom?  And can it really be wild?

Yesterday, after being in the meditation sanctuary early in the morning, someone else who had been there approached me.

“Excuse me, I noticed you scribbling in your notebook in the meditation. What were you writing?”

I was surprised, but delighted to be asked. “It’s wisdom words that come from a different place than my personality,” I replied, “I sort of hear them often in meditation, and so I thought  it would be a good idea to write them down. It sets me up for the day; sometimes problems get resolved; other times I gain an insight that allows movement in a situation. I never know what will happen.”

She looked bemused. “Try it,” I encouraged her. “Just get very still inside and see what happens.”

Afterwards I reflected on where this had come from in my own life, and how I’d written about it in my soon to be published book, Gifted By Grief. Here’s an extract:

For many years, since I’d moved through the grief about not being able to have children with Philip, I’d had access to the ‘still, small voice within.’ I’d been introduced to this back in 2003, when I was exploring my psychic abilities. Out walking one day, I’d been railing against not having a family of my own, and out of the blue came the words, ‘You were not meant to have children this time round. Your path is purely a spiritual one.’ The words were so clear, I almost looked round to see who had spoken. They brought with them immense relief, peace, and a relaxing into what my life actually was in that moment. I wasn’t shocked, just intrigued. Over time, and with practice, this ‘voice’ spoke many, many wise words – most often when I sat down with a pen and paper in hand.
Your wisdom also comes from another place than your personality, or your mind. It might indeed be wise to say it comes from ‘beyond’.Do you hear it in the form of words? Or do you see images, feel sensations, or sense knowings?

How often do you pay attention to it, or act on its advice? If you’re in a pickle of some kind, I can guarantee this will be the one thing that will get you out of it, for it’s only when we quieten down enough to realize that who we are really IS the wisdom itself, and not the bodymind personality, that access is gained to this source.

Try it next time you’re needing to solve a problem, change a situation or just want some clarity. Stop whatever you’re doing and soften. Ask for insights. Wait. Discover what is wanting to be found. 

Heartatude – The 9 Principles of Heart-Centered Success


Strictly300I’ve been dancing again!  In fact, competing in a Findhorn Strictly Come Dancing event for my friend Joan Wilmot, who was celebrating her 70th in style. Here I am with my dancing partner, and in my favourite dress. It was a really fun evening, and worth all the hours of practicing! It was a spoof event with lots of laughter, token prizes, and all the scores ended up being the same for everyone. Definitely high on my list of what gives me pleasure. 🙂

Another celebration which is starting today and lasting all week is my friend Alisoun’s book launch party, which I’ve told you about before but want to highlight this week.

Her book Heartatude – The 9 Principles of Heart-Centered Success is a really good read, which is why I am very happy to tell you about it.

heartatude book image croppedShe’s got some great things going on all week, and on Wednesday she interviews me and my colleagues Joey Walters and Andrea Gardner. The three of us and Alisoun are all in the same Mastermind group together, another source of great fun, pleasure and learning for me. So do view the short film to get some gems of wisdom about embracing your own gifts and leading the life you were born to live.

So do visit here now, there’s lots of other great guests to be inspired by too – and best of all, you don’t have to tune into a particular time to watch the interview, whew!  You can instead watch at your convenience; plus download some great gifts, and join the rest of the crowd in a special Facebook group.

I hope you have a lovely week with this added source of nourishment.

Love Jane

PS  Here’s the link in full to not only get a copy of the book but also a whole lot of freebies when you buy it on a certain day http://alisoun.com/heartatudeparty

Why appearances really DO matter (especially if it’s chocolate!)

‘There’s something that isn’t quite right’, I said to my friend, who I was visiting over Christmas, ‘not sure what it is though’.
‘I know what you mean. I wonder what it is?’
‘Actually, I think it might be the fact that we don’t have a BOX of chocolates!’
‘What?  We’ve got loads of chocolate!’
‘Yes, but it’s not in a box!’

It was true. We had lots of bars of chocolate and very nice stuff at that. But we didn’t have a box. So on Boxing Day (no pun intended!) on our way to a lovely walk up by Tarn Hows in the Lake District, we stopped at a garage and bought ourselves a beautiful box of chocolates.

Later that day, some friends came by for an evening of game playing. They brought a huge box of chocolates which they’d already opened, but there were lots left.  Lucky us, now two boxes!

‘Oh no!’ said Jenny, as the new box fell to the carpet and all the chocolates fell out. ‘I didn’t realize it was already open.  Well, I’ll just get a bowl and put them all in that’.

And that’s how we discovered that chocolates need to be in a box. Because what had looked lovely before in their special display packaging, looked very ordinary indeed in the bowl. Not particularly appetizing looking, we couldn’t see the nice little decoration on top of each chocolate, and they clearly needed the packaging to set them off.

‘Oh my goodness!  We really are paying for the packaging, and even when we know that, when it’s so obviously demonstrated, we don’t mind!  We actually WANT the chocolates in a box!  Perhaps not for every day, but definitely for a special occasion’.

And how often do we complain about the packaging, and having to pay for it?

This reminded me of the importance of a great frame to complement a good painting. I’m aware of this in particular because I was brought up by two artists, so I have an eye for this kind of thing. So often a lovely picture is ruined because the mount and/or the frame are not bringing out the full potential of the painting.

And that reminds me of why it’s important to package what you offer in an attractive manner. If you’re running a business, packaging is essential even if it’s for a service. But you could just be talking about your self – why else do you pay attention to how you dress when you want to make an impression?

Actually we pay attention to appearances all the time – you spruce up your home when someone comes visiting or you’re preparing to sell; you clean your car before your mother in law comes to visit; you clean up the kitchen at the end of the day because you like it to look fresh and welcoming first thing in the morning.  But it’s particularly prevalent when it comes to selling anything.

Whether we like it or not, even when we realize we are paying for packaging, sometimes that is exactly what is needed in order to present our wares in the most attractive and tempting manner possible. Even when the buyer knows this is what is going on, they are still willing to pay for that, especially when for whatever reason, it’s a special occasion.

So – think about the packaging of what you’re offering in the next situation when it’s appropriate. Do you want to give the chocolates in a box?  In a bowl? Or just a bar of chocolate? They all have their place – but what do YOU want to be offering?

The Wild Wise Woman Manifesto

A Wild Wise Woman is:

  • a woman of any age who has a passion which she wants to flaunt to the world
  • a woman who confidently engages with life, while allowing room to welcome ALL feelings
  • a woman who says what she thinks!

A Wild Wise Woman:

  • lavishes love upon herself and those whom she loves
  • knows the value of self-first versus selfishness
  • dares to drape her beautiful body in gorgeous colours, luxuriant fabrics and wacky accessories!
  • utterly loves her body with all it’s beauty and it’s challenges
  • loves to move her body (dancing, walking, hiking, running, swimming, making love)
  • can say ‘I love you’ to herself in the mirror and know it’s true
  • adopts intimacy as a playmate

A Wild Wise Woman:

  • finds solace in stillness and silence
  • is first and foremost married to herself
  • knows the source of life is who she really is
  • allows her natural sensual nature to flow through every aspect of her life, including her business
  • works in tandem with spirit, discerning no separation between them
  • dares to take risks based on her intuition
  • has creativity as her bedfellow, plays with it often and has it flowing through her business
  • plays at her work – has fun, enjoys what she does and inspires others to do the same
  • has plenty of time for naps, long weekends, creative breaks and freedom

A Wild Wise Woman also:

  • isn’t afraid to do business differently from the accepted wisdom
  • loves to learn, grow and change
  • values the light hiding in the darkness, and explores until she finds the switch
  • asks herself ‘Am I enjoying myself?’ and stops if the answer is no
  • knows when to let her own inner kid out to play and when to be an adult
  • isn’t afraid to express herself in any way she feels is full, blooming and nourishing
  • is heaven on earth made manifest
  • regularly strays from her comfort zone and finds new ways of expression

And she can complete this sentence: 

If you asked me what I came into this world to do I will tell you.

I came to….

What did I, Jane Duncan Rogers, come here to do?

To fully embrace life, love with all my heart, share it with others and basically reach out and hug everyone! Telling and sharing with them that THIS is what life is meant to be like.

I came to shout from the cliff tops:

“This!  This radiance, this brilliance!  You can have it too!  THIS is what life is – open  your heart and come and receive it now!”

Which quality of this manifesto is your favourite?

Leave your comment below

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When Your Biggest Fear Happens, How Do You Cope?

Interview with Jodi Chapman of Soul Speak

Welcome to Soul Speak, Jane! I’m so happy that you’re here! 

Like I mentioned above, you’ve been through so much in your life (losing your dear husband, losing your money, moving, changing careers, etc.), and it seems that you’ve come through all of this with a deep sense of self and a deep sense of your place in the universe.

I would love for you to share one of the biggest lessons that you took away from all of these hard times that you’ve gone through. I think it will be so helpful to someone who is currently struggling.

Going through these struggles caused me to face both of my biggest fears: one, being a bag lady on the street with no money (it never happened in actuality, but the fear was rife for many months) and two, losing my husband early in life and not having children. (In fact, I had consciously explored this fear at 39 when it became clear we weren’t going to be having children of our own, and I made a choice then to stay with him.)

And now my biggest fear has happened. I’m 55 and my husband is dead. That sounds like a disaster, but in fact, even in the midst of my grief, I could see the ironic side of it. It was like life dealt me a side swipe in my most vulnerable area.  However, what’s happened are two things: first, fear just doesn’t have a place any more in my life. It’s just not there.  Of course I get nervous sometimes, or a bit apprehensive occasionally maybe about new things, but then the second lesson that I’ve learnt really kicks in: I learned that I am not this body, this mind, nor any of the emotions. In fact, there is no ‘I’ at all.

Click here to read the full interview.