Why Love is Absolutely Central to your Work

‘But I just can’t do it!’ wailed my client, covering her face with her hands.

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‘That’s OK. Let’s wait and see what happens’, I responded gently.

‘I can’t!’ she almost shouted at me, ‘If I wait then nothing will happen and I won’t get any work and then what will I do?’ A tear trickled down her cheek.

‘OK. Let’s just breathe together then,’ I said quietly. A few muffled sounds later and we were sitting together (over Skype) simply being aware of our breathing. I had tailored my breathing to be in sync with hers as much as I could, and it was helping to bring her to a calmer place. This was waiting happening.

She opened her eyes. ‘Oh dear. I get so taken over with fear, and then that makes me panic even more’.

I looked at her directly, ‘Well spotted. So right now, what’s happening in your body? What do you feel, and where?’

Sometimes with my clients I have a session which shifts everything. I often refer back to it as The Conversation – where everything shifts and we start working on a whole different level, with correspondingly different results.

This was one of these times: my client was able to come to a place where she did wait, and something did happen that propelled her into very different actions from what she might otherwise have done.

During the session, I asked her one very important question and when we discussed her answers in depth, everything shifted for her.

So what was actually going on here?

The effects of a difficult divorce were proving hard to bear for her. The receiving of the final decree nisi had impacted her to the extent that she was finding it almost impossible to work.   I was encouraging her to do nothing because I knew that actions taken from a place of fear like this would lead to less than brilliant results.

But the mind hates ‘doing nothing’. It is the part of you that comes up with fabulous ideas to solve your problems. That says ‘you must sign up for that course that tells you what to do’, or ‘you’d better get a job’, or ‘you’ll never be any good, what ever made you think you could do this?’

That’s because the mind is interested purely (and understandably) in your survival. Mind will ‘tell’ you what to do based on your experiences in the past. Mind’s limited thinking, and what it thinks will prompt you to go for what works best, regardless of your intuition. Mind wants to protect you so will do all it can to ensure that.

There’s nothing wrong with this other than it can keep you very stuck. That’s what was happening with my client in that moment. Fortunately, over time, she was able to acknowledge and express her feelings about it (key for movement and shifts to happen).

The only real problem was that she was believing what her mind was saying in that moment, and when you believe anything your mind says (even the good stuff!) then you’re in trouble.
That’s because Love is the only place that can really help you take actions that will work for you. Love, the utter essence of life itself, in all its manifest forms, is the only thing that really matters.

GeneralThis is a big topic and I’m sure to come back to it time and time again, but it’s showing up this week because of my reflections about life and death in my book, Gifted By Grief (which was launched last week, in case you hadn’t heard! You can read more about it here).

When you contemplate life, death is right in there. When you contemplate both of them, love cannot be anything but present (whether you pay any attention to it or not).

Love is always present, let’s face it, but often we ignore it, don’t recognize it, don’t understand this is the case, interfere with it expressing itself – you name it, we have many, many ways of disregarding love.

In business, and in work, love is present too. And one way you can access it is by doing what my client was willing to do: take a conscious breath, and then wait.

Then in that space, you can ask yourself a really important question. This is the one question that shifted everything for my client in the session.

“What does Love want to do now?”

If you’re open and willing, you’ll ‘hear’ a response. It might not come immediately, it may be a hunch or gut feeling, or just an idea that pops into your head. But if it feels right, and is nurturing both for yourself and others, then that will be Love speaking.

And all that needs to then happen is responding to that answer. A lot easier said than done, and I’ll cover that next week!

In the meantime, if you’d like support to access your own loving wisdom in relation to your work, or life for that matter, join me for what I’m now calling The Conversation.

It’s half an hour for free with me, one to one, where you can bring anything you like that is bothering you.

It could be that you know there is a conversation with yourself you’re not having; it could be you know you’re avoiding something in your business; it could be the results you want are not happening in the way you want.

Together we’ll wait and see what happens. Trust me, when you do this in the presence of Love, something will!

I have just 5 slots available to be taken before the end of September so sign up here.








Heartatude – The 9 Principles of Heart-Centered Success


Strictly300I’ve been dancing again!  In fact, competing in a Findhorn Strictly Come Dancing event for my friend Joan Wilmot, who was celebrating her 70th in style. Here I am with my dancing partner, and in my favourite dress. It was a really fun evening, and worth all the hours of practicing! It was a spoof event with lots of laughter, token prizes, and all the scores ended up being the same for everyone. Definitely high on my list of what gives me pleasure. 🙂

Another celebration which is starting today and lasting all week is my friend Alisoun’s book launch party, which I’ve told you about before but want to highlight this week.

Her book Heartatude – The 9 Principles of Heart-Centered Success is a really good read, which is why I am very happy to tell you about it.

heartatude book image croppedShe’s got some great things going on all week, and on Wednesday she interviews me and my colleagues Joey Walters and Andrea Gardner. The three of us and Alisoun are all in the same Mastermind group together, another source of great fun, pleasure and learning for me. So do view the short film to get some gems of wisdom about embracing your own gifts and leading the life you were born to live.

So do visit here now, there’s lots of other great guests to be inspired by too – and best of all, you don’t have to tune into a particular time to watch the interview, whew!  You can instead watch at your convenience; plus download some great gifts, and join the rest of the crowd in a special Facebook group.

I hope you have a lovely week with this added source of nourishment.

Love Jane

PS  Here’s the link in full to not only get a copy of the book but also a whole lot of freebies when you buy it on a certain day http://alisoun.com/heartatudeparty

When Your Intention Gets Stopped By Life and What To Do About It

Ever had intentions and then been stopped in your tracks by life?  Ever been really clear about what you wanted to do and then things got in the way, and before you know it the day is over and you haven’t even started on what you were so clear about?

Mmm.  It’s common, more common than you might think, it even happens to those people who seem so wise and offer all sorts of suggestions about how to organize yourself so you can accomplish what you say you want this year. 🙂

It’s just happened for me too. I’d been inspired before I left on holiday to offer some complimentary Spirit in Business Strategy Sessions for the first week in January – I sent an email out to my list, lots of people responded and that was great. I thought I was well set up for 2014.  Continue reading

How Good CAN You Stand It?

Have you got a to-do list?  Do you look at it every day, cross things off and feel satisfied?  Do you translate things from one list to the next day’s list?

I used to do that.  A lot. And it works.  In fact, the owner of an MBS shop I know recently told me that no matter what happens, she makes a list each night of what needs to happen the next day, prioritises it, and then makes sure it all gets done.  And she has successfully turned her business round from making a significant loss to a healthy profit.

But what I noticed the other day was that although I’ve been great at doing lists in the past (mainly cos I love crossing things off , it gives me a feeling of satisfaction!) more recently I’ve not been doing them nearly as much. Continue reading

Living Spiritually in a Messed-Up Marketplace


One of the struggles many heart-centered entrepreneurs have is reconciling what you have to do to make a business work, with the spiritual values and love at the core of who you are.

There’s often a sense of defeat or numbness that comes when it seems you can’t do what needs to be done to make it financially without abandoning your heart.


So let’s take a little trip into the Columbia River Gorge, to a town named Corbett. Continue reading