What Is the Jewel in your Business?

I noticed a slight agitation as I sat down to meditate this morning. Breathing in, my body began to settle. Breathing out, I noticed the critical thoughts wanting to stick onto me.

Instead of believing them, and going into the whole story attached to them, I waited a few minutes. A bit later on, I heard the following message:

Close-up on colourful jewel-like buttons.

“Into the twilight of Life arrives a gift of innocence. Surely seen as irrelevant, it is in fact a precious jewel.  Innocence is trust and faith in Life itself to commandeer resources in such a way that you are looked after.

This may not look like what you think it ought to, but it will and does happen. Be still and prepare to receive.”

Short but very to the point. Something inside relaxed and I spent the rest of the hours meditation in a pretty blissful place. 🙂

I’m sharing them with you because of the importance of discovering what your own jewel is (or are!) – if you don’t know what they are, then take some time in silently sitting and ask.  Listen with your ears, your heart, your soul and trust what happens. For me, it comes in words that appear as if imprinted on the back of my head. For you, it may come in another way entirely.

Explore and see what happens!

How teamwork is the trick to getting things done

I'll do it.‘If I want something done well, it’s best to do it myself.’

‘I’m the best person for the job; trouble is, I’m the best person for every job!’

‘It takes too long to show someone else to do; I might as well do it myself.’

If you’ve ever heard yourself saying any of these, then it may be time to reconsider, as in uttering these words you are guaranteed to be creating a hard time for yourself.  It’s understandable – as a professional, you know your work inside out, and no doubt you are proud of the brilliant service you offer others.

But if you want to include freedom, fun and balance in your life, then you’ll have to rethink these kinds of statements.

I was reminded last night of the power of contribution and community while watching a TV programme. A UK family had travelled from the UK to Chile, and were building their own home in the middle of nowhere, an hour’s drive from the nearest small shop.  They really were doing it all themselves, as well – no building contractors, no plumbers or electricians or carpenters. Just themselves, some books and  – well, yes they did have help, actually. They couldn’t in the end do it all alone.

The help came in the form of neighbours, and cattle. Cattle to drag the trees that had been chopped down to make one of the roofs. A neighbour whose work is felling trees for building; another neighbour who hunts the wild boar to make a living; and a final man who acted as a guide for the visiting TV presenter.

It got me thinking about how easy it is to think, as a solo professional, that you are working alone, and that you are the only one who can do what you do. While that is of course possible, it’s not how the best businesses are built. Those, no matter what size, come about with teamwork – when a team of people get together to create, inspire and implement.

It means you have to be willing to delegate (tasks that others can do); dream (into what you truly want, and then go for that); and reach out for help that you maybe secretly know you need.

I have both my brothers who work for me on the website and other IT needs; my coach, who helps me focus on the next steps; my various Facebook groups who are usually up for giving a bit of advice; and both my mastermind groups, where I can both give and receive help. Plus I have an accountant, who is always available should I need his advice.

I love knowing that someone else is working on my business, at the same time as I am. If you’ve never tried this, I recommend it!

We all, in essence, work better, more satisfyingly and productively when we work together. Plus, it’s much more fun!  Do you have a group of people with whom you work? Who are they, and what do you do for each other?  Share in the comments section and let me know!

If you’d like to discover how having me on your team will help you get clear on where you are going, holding your hand along the way, and supporting you to live your highest life possible, then email me direct and we can explore that in a complimentary Wild Wisdom Session. Reach out, in other words, and ask for help!

What happens when you just say ‘yes’.

8.30am on a Sunday morning  – who could be ringing me at that time? Even though I’d been awake for ages, writing, it was still very early on Easter Sunday for the phone to be ringing and I was still in bed.

‘Are you going to the Easter Taize singing? I need a lift as my car is still in the garage,’ explained my friend Dorota, when I picked up the phone.

‘No, but hang on a minute while I think’, I said. Knowing I had to be at the Findhorn Foundation Community Centre later that morning, I decided to change my plans.

‘I’ll give you a lift there. I can carry on writing while I’m waiting for the person I’m meeting later on.’ Dorota was delighted, and I jumped out of bed and headed for the shower.  Twenty minutes later and I arrived at her house, to see her breakfast table beautifully laid with Easter eggs, a yellow set of crockery, and Easter chicks on the multi-coloured paper napkins.  Her family would be celebrating with a late brunch.

‘Can we go and pick up Emily from Newbold House first?’ Dorota smiled and off we drove there, picking up yet another woman on the way who wanted a lift into town to catch a bus.

On arrival at the Community Centre, Dorota and her friend went upstairs to join in the singing. I sat down in the warm sunshine and picked up on my writing where I had left off.

Why am I telling you all this? Because in the space of changing my mind about my plans by just saying yes to a request, here’s what happened:

  • I got to serve 3 others by giving them a lift
  • I was able to sit in the sunshine writing, instead of my room at home which wasn’t in the sunlight
  • I bumped into 3 people I knew, two whom I offered to help with their projects
  • I had an inspiring and delightful walk in the dunes with another friend, Joy
  • I was offered a forsythia bush free for my garden
  • I lay in the sunshine on a bench while waiting for Joy
  • I received specific and very helpful feedback from Dorota about the writing I had just completed

What were my plans before I said ‘yes’? To sit at home, writing, until I met Joy at 11.30.  Instead, I acted on my intuition and look at the lovely experiences I had!

Still, here’s the real secret. It wasn’t the experiences that made me feel happy; it wasn’t the friends; nor was it even the sunshine!  Happiness was already present, already flowing through these different events; and it was because I wasn’t attached to what was going to happen that Easter Sunday morning.

When you aren’t attached, then anything that happens is okay.

Can you think of a time when you said yes and things turned out beautifully? Can you remember a time you weren’t attached to how an event would turn out, and ended up enjoying yourself? Tell me your stories by clicking on the comment icon at the top right of this post. I love hearing what you have to say!

FOMO – the disease that creeps up on you unawares…

Anxiously fiddling with my ring, I looked at my watch.

‘What do you think they’re doing?’ I asked my friend.  We’d both been in a conference session and had left mid-way, having got a bit bored.

‘I don’t know. But I do know we are suffering from FOMO,’ she replied, with a giggle.

‘FOMO?  What’s that?’

‘Fear Of Missing Out!’ and she laughed. So did I. It’s so pervasive, this particular disease.

I’m sure you’ll know what I mean. How often have you sat through something thinking you ‘ought’ to be there, that it’ll ‘get better soon’, or that you just wish you were somewhere different?

IMG_0319Or maybe there’s several options open re a decision; or more than one invitation made to you.  The mind goes back and forth re what to do, if anything, and frets away at what you might be missing out on.

‘If you don’t do X then you’ll be behind everyone else’ it warns.

‘I can’t do everything, so how on earth do I know what will be best for me?’  What a dilemma!

‘I might miss the one crucial piece of information – the missing secret to life!   That would be so awful’.

And on and on it goes.  This is FOMO in action.

It can take different forms too, such as a tapping foot, an air of distraction, a nervous tummy.  All of them are symptoms that you have contracted FOMO and need to take an antidote, and quickly.

So what is the antidote, and where do you find it?

It’s called Triple A, and it’s always with you, though sometimes apparently in hiding.  There’s 3 parts to the Triple A antidote:

  1. Awareness (that you’ve got FOMO in the first place – this is essential)
  2. Acceptance (having been aware, you don’t try to push FOMO away, ignore it or even be judgmental – you simply notice it’s presence )
  3. Aaaaahhhhh (you breathe deeply, and have a little giggle at yourself)

Each of this pieces is crucial (and the giggle perhaps the most!)

Awareness, because without knowing you’ve caught the disease, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Acceptance, because anything other means you are still caught in the tentacles of FOMO, one of the components of which is self-critical thoughts.

And Aaaahhhh, because without the giggle and the conscious breath, you are in grave danger of a fourth ‘A’, which is …

Analysing it!

Spiritual seekers in particular beware of this – it’s so easy to get caught out at the acceptance part of the Triple A and move into Analysis without realizing it.  When in fact the only action at this stage is to apply the Aaaahhh, and STOP doing it!

Just stop.

Steer your mind away from what you think you will be missing out on, and simply trust that where you are, what you’re doing, how you’re feeling is perfectly fine, just as it is.

And this is the state that emerging from FOMO gives you – a chance to put into practice the choice to stay on the path of anxiety, worry and fear – or to switch directions and veer onto the path of giggles, self-love and freedom.

So watch out – FOMO comes in many disguises, it’s prevalent amongst society today, and it keeps you stuck!  Make sure you have plenty of the antidote handy for when an attack comes along.

Love Jane

PS I’m going to give you a chance to watch FOMO in action!  The Radical Income Welcome Toolkit is an amazing bag of tools to help you welcome more income into your life. Check it out here and see if you get FOMO or not. And if you do, apply the antidote, and then make a decision from a place of freedom as to whether or not you’re interested in getting the Toolkit. Yes, this IS a radical method of selling, but then that’s what Wild Wisdom is all about.

Can You Receive the “Bad” Too?

SAM_0748After running the class How Willing Are You To Receive? Really? I realized that true receiving of course includes being willing to receive everything  – not just what you want, but what presents itself to you that you don’t want.  How can that be cut out?  In leaving those things out you are back in the realm of non-acceptance, pushing away, and resistance.

I’ve had plenty of experience with pushing away things I don’t want, or don’t like, just trying to get rid of them instead. Here’s a few biggies:  lack of money, loads of money; cancer; Philip’s death. And then here’s a few littlies: a cold, someone changing plans that affects me, travel arrangements going awry, the boiler breaking down. Littlies vs biggies of course depends on context, but you get my meaning.

So, is it really possible to welcome all these things, to fully receive them, in the same manner as you want to receive things you like?

It IS possible – but it’s a huge step to take! Which is why practicing receiving is easier to start with from the other end – at least for some people. If you can’t receive all the good that life has to offer you, then you’ll find it at least as difficult to receive the things you determine are bad.  (Whether anything is really good or bad will be the topic of another blog post!)

So you can practice receiving more good by loosening the logjams you have in the flow of your river; you can make friends with whatever you want more of, be it money, love, time, health, whatever; and you can practice ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’, or at least before and while ‘doing’.


Regardless of whether you start with things or experiences  you want more or less of, being grateful is also a really good way to receive. You can read a previous blog post ‘Why Being Grateful Is A Key to Success’ here.

Finally, I invite you today to just notice what happens in your mind and your feelings when something occurs that you’re not so keen on.  Then say to yourself ‘I’m grateful for this’ and again, see what happens.  And remember, no judgment!  That’s just another log on the logjam in the flow of your river of receiving!  And share how you get on in the comments below if you wish.

Much love


PS If you want to explore your own logjams, and how they are blocking your ability to receive, I still have just a couple of spots left for a complimentary ‘Free Your Logjam’ session – email me now jane@wildwisdom.co.uk if you’d like to apply.