365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul

A large part of Wild Wisdom is about being so connected with your soul that you feel no sense of separation at all.

But what about when you can’t find your soul? What about if you feel abandoned by it? Or what if you just want to deepen your connection, to the extent that you really feel no separation at all?

I’m one of the contributing authors in a new book out today: 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul.

It contains one tip for each day of the year from over 200 authors, including Arielle Ford, Peggy McColl, Christy Whitman…and me! Buy it here:

When you are connected to your own soul, in whatever way you describe that, you are automatically connected to all that is. What’s more, it’s only then a hop away from knowing at a deep level that you ARE ‘all that is’. This is so nourishing, and is what I share towards the end of my book Gifted By Grief. 

But it’s easy to feel as if you are disconnected, unplugged and lost. So in this book are hundreds of different inspirational ways for you to plug back in.

Here are the book’s chapters:

  • Soulful Practices
  • Gratitude, Love, & Prayer
  • Nature & Animals
  • Playing & Having Fun
  • Wellness & Self-Care
  • Creativity & Writing
  • Meditation
  • Angels, Spirit Guides, & the Ethereal
  • Thoughts, Feelings, & Our Vibrations

In addition to helping others connect with their souls, this book will also help many animals since 5% of all profits from book sales will go to the Jane Goodall Institute.

Learn more about the book here  [your Amazon affiliate link or our main shortened link: http://goo.gl/fC0FuT]


You Cannot Capture Silence, It Captures You

For me, the two correctives of all spirituality are silence and service. If either of those is missing, it is not true, healthy spirituality.

Without silence, we do not really experience our experiences. We may serve others and have many experiences, but without silence, nothing has the power to change us, to awaken us, to give us that joy that the world cannot give. And without clear acts of free service a person’s spiritual authenticity can be called into question. Divine Love always needs to and must overflow!

To live in this primordial, foundational being itself, which I am calling silence, creates a kind of sympathetic resonance with what is right in front of us. Without it, we just react instead of respond. Without some degree of silence, we are never living, never tasting, as there is not much capacity to enjoy, appreciate, or taste the moment as it purely is. The opposite of contemplation is not action, it is reaction. We must wait for pure action, which always proceeds from a contemplative silence in which we are able to listen anew to truth and to what is really happening. Such spiritual silence demands a deep presence to oneself in the moment, which will probably have the same practical effect as presence to God.

You do not hear silence (precisely!), but it is that by which you do hear. You cannot capture silence. It captures you. Silence is a kind of thinking that is not thinking. It’s a kind of thinking which mostly sees.

Silence, then, is an alternative consciousness. It is a form of intelligence, a form of knowing beyond bodily reacting or emotion. It is a form of knowing beyond mental analysis, which is what we usually call thinking.

All of the great world religions at the higher levels (mystical) discovered that our tyrannical mode of everyday thinking (which is largely compulsive, brain-driven, and based on early patterning and conditioning) has to be relativized and limited, or it takes over, to the loss of our primal being and identity in ourselves. I used to think that mysticism was the eventual fruit of years of contemplation; now I think it all begins with one clear moment of mystic consciousness, which then becomes the constant “spring inside us, welling up unto eternal life”.

by Richard Rohr

About the Author: Richard Rohr is a Franciscan friar, an internationally known speaker and author, and a founding director of the Center for Action and Contemplation. The above passage is from his book ‘Silent Compassion: Finding God in Contemplation’.

Want To Stand Out? Here’s A Unique Way…

‘Walk slowly amongst the crowd so you stand out’.

These words were heard from an inner voice that is constantly there when this body called Jane goes slowly enough to hear it. They were part of a much longer message I took down some months ago, and as I’m on the island of Erraid being forced to slow down by illness, I thought I’d share them.

The message is the opposite of what is thought by us humans, who believe that to stand out you need to be at the top of your profession, become a celebrity, have plenty of money, be inordinately successful at something, be outrageous in some way, or just be different.

But in fact all of that is the wrong way round. In a world where rushing is the norm, and where the 3rd world is desperate to catch up with the 1st world, the only answer, the sole answer, is to slow down.

Slow …… down…..

Yes, just do that right now, while reading this.  Watch what happens. (And if you don’t slow down, or even stop, then that’s OK!  But if you do, just notice what happens to your breathing, your attention, and how you feel from the inside out. You may be surprised).

One very, very simple way of slowing down is with your walking. The natural movement of the body. Begin to notice what it feels like to walk, to place your foot in front of another. To feel the earth beneath your feet. To breathe in as you place one foot down, to breath out as you place the other.

Begin to notice how others’ walk.  How their bodies are being held.  Whether they are in contact with the earth, or appearing to float above it in some way.  Notice the energetic tension that appears as people rush, hurry and speed from one thing to the next.

Notice it in yourself too. And choose today to bring a momentary gap into that rushing.

A moment when you simply stop.

Do it right now. Yes. When you consciously choose this, you are returning home in that moment.  Actually, you have never left, but you think you have, hence the rushing to get somewhere. The irony is you only get there when you stop going wherever you think you are going.

So stop long enough to look and see that where you want to be, you already are.

Here. Right now. Right here. Present in Presence itself.

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