Heartatude – The 9 Principles of Heart-Centered Success


Strictly300I’ve been dancing again!  In fact, competing in a Findhorn Strictly Come Dancing event for my friend Joan Wilmot, who was celebrating her 70th in style. Here I am with my dancing partner, and in my favourite dress. It was a really fun evening, and worth all the hours of practicing! It was a spoof event with lots of laughter, token prizes, and all the scores ended up being the same for everyone. Definitely high on my list of what gives me pleasure. 🙂

Another celebration which is starting today and lasting all week is my friend Alisoun’s book launch party, which I’ve told you about before but want to highlight this week.

Her book Heartatude – The 9 Principles of Heart-Centered Success is a really good read, which is why I am very happy to tell you about it.

heartatude book image croppedShe’s got some great things going on all week, and on Wednesday she interviews me and my colleagues Joey Walters and Andrea Gardner. The three of us and Alisoun are all in the same Mastermind group together, another source of great fun, pleasure and learning for me. So do view the short film to get some gems of wisdom about embracing your own gifts and leading the life you were born to live.

So do visit here now, there’s lots of other great guests to be inspired by too – and best of all, you don’t have to tune into a particular time to watch the interview, whew!  You can instead watch at your convenience; plus download some great gifts, and join the rest of the crowd in a special Facebook group.

I hope you have a lovely week with this added source of nourishment.

Love Jane

PS  Here’s the link in full to not only get a copy of the book but also a whole lot of freebies when you buy it on a certain day http://alisoun.com/heartatudeparty

The 3 Unsexy But Essential Pointers to Your Business Success

It’s tax return time again, and what are you doing?

  1. Scrabbling around, a bit panicky, trying to get figures together in time?
  2. Getting someone else doing it for you right now?
  3. Filed your return way before Christmas?

I’m glad to say I fall into the third category, and it was easy to provide the information to my accountant because I’d kept my monthly figures up to date throughout the year. I have a relatively complex set of figures to keep, but still, it was easy getting them all together.

However, it reminded me that this year I’d been not so good about practicing what I preach, and I spent a lot of last weekend getting everything up to date, so that next year’s return can be filed any time after April 2015.

But even if your tax return isn’t a problem for you, what about knowing exactly what’s going on in your business on a day to day basis?

Could you tell me what percentage of people buy which of your products or services?  Or how many on your mailing list signed up for your latest offering? Or what your conversion rate is from opt ins on your mailing list to clicking through to your webpage?

Why is this important?  Because figures, systems and monitoring are like a road map in your business. They tell you where to go, instead of driving round the countryside, wondering which road will get to you your destination.

This wasn’t the case with the recent Get Your Year in Gear Giveaway event that I was part of. Not only was I in a country I didn’t know well at all, I wasn’t using the road map. Here’s what happened.

The community of coaches I belong to were holding this event, which meant I felt 100% happy about telling you all about it, because I knew most of the other people offering some really great free products. There were lots of coaches participating and it was going out to hundreds of thousands of people, so I got excited.

My free offering was (and still is) The 3 Radical Income Welcome Principles, and I got all the back office stuff set up, checked the links and started telling people about it.

The statistics page for the event was exciting to watch, as you could see how others were progressing, as well as how many clicks on my page. And every day there would be more – yes, it’s a really great way to build a mailing list!

After a few days, I realized no one had bought the full Radical Income Welcome Toolkit, on offer for a very reasonable price when you clicked on a link at the end of the Principles. That seemed a bit odd, considering that by now hundreds of people had downloaded them  – and that’s when I found out that the link in the document had stopped working. Had it ever been working?  Don’t know; it had on the test run.

When a link doesn’t work, it gives a really bad impression, like you don’t care that much. Of course it’s been amended now, although it took quite some time to work out what was going on.  Why?

Why? Because I hadn’t been checking the StatCounter statistics on a daily basis – not only that, I hadn’t fully understood them anyway.

Oh dear. It wasn’t the end of the world re possible sales being lost, as adding people to my mailing list was what was really important to me.

But I felt mortified that most of these people didn’t get a great impression of me right at the start.  Bit of a blunder there.

So what’s the learning here?  That’s where the 3 unsexy but essential pointers come in.

  1. Face Your Figures keep your figures up to date at least on a monthly basis. Not only does that make your tax return easy to do, it gives you vital information about where your business really is in relation to where it is going. Which means you can correct if you need to, before you end up down a dead end lane in the countryside with no idea where you are or what to do.
  1. See Your Statistics all pages of your website or landing pages need to have Google Analytics or StatCounter on them. This will then give you lots of information about who is visiting your pages, how long they stay on them, where they come from, and all sorts of other conversion rates.
  1. Meet Up with Your Monitoringyou need to visit your statistics regularly!  They are your map, and you need to read it. Otherwise you might as well not have one.  If you have a mindset that says ‘figures = boring; statistics = even more boring’, then this needs to change.

When you understand figures and stats are key to you being able to navigate well in the countryside, meaning you can much more easily get to your destination, then they become very precious indeed.

So where are you with figures, stats and monitoring them?

Which area of the map is essential for you to improve on?

I invite you this week to take one small step in the right direction to where you want to go, by identifying which of these areas are most needing your attention, and then specifically which step you’re going to take, and by when.

What am I going to do?  Familiarise myself to the point where I feel really comfortable with how StatCounter works, and I’ll do that by this time next week.

SAM_0833 copyWhat will you do, and by when?

And if you know you need someone to help you read your map, connect with me through a free Spirit in Business Strategy session, where you’ll end up:

  • knowing exactly where you’re going
  • where you are on the map
  • what’s likely to get in your way of getting there (apart from not knowing your numbers!)
  • be inspired to get going again!

Scroll down on this page to find the form to apply – I only have 4 spots available, so listen to any inner promptings you have and complete the form now!

PS: If you want the chance to participate in the Giveaway, you still can until 28th January, click here (yes, it does work!)

Intend or Plan – what’s the best?

I spent last weekend in a glorious renovated Victorian hunting lodge way up in the uppermost part of Scotland, amongst the heather, lochs and the deer, celebrating a friend’s 50th birthday party. It was a time full of conversation, walking, fine food and wine, and simple, ordinary pleasure.  Here’s a pic:

Tim Slack Appreciating People croppedThe man I’m sitting next to is Tim Slack of Appreciating People . He told me about the idea of Commander’s Intent, a military term used to describe what a successful mission looks like, and it’s not about having a plan and sticking to it.  It’s about having an intention.

Commander’s Intent fully recognizes the chaos, lack of a complete information picture, changes in enemy situation, and other relevant factors that may make a plan either completely or partially obsolete when it is executed. The role of Commander’s Intent is to empower subordinates and guide their initiative and improvisation as they adapt the plan to the changed battlefield environment. Commander’s Intent empowers initiative, improvisation, and adaptation by providing guidance of what a successful conclusion looks like. Commander’s Intent is vital in chaotic, demanding, and dynamic environments.

If we transpose the word ‘successful leader’ instead of commander’s intent, it reads

A successful leader fully recognizes the chaos, lack of a complete information picture, changes in situation, and other relevant factors that may make a plan either completely or partially obsolete when it is executed. The role of a successful leader is to empower others and guide their initiative and improvisation as they adapt the plan to the changed environment. A successful leader empowers initiative, improvisation, and adaptation by providing guidance of what a successful conclusion looks like. A successful leader is vital in chaotic, demanding, and dynamic environments.

You may not recognize yourself as a leader, especially if you are not employing others in your business. But you are – you are the leader of your own organization, even if it is just yourself you are leading. Remember Louise L. Hay, founder of Hay House Publishing, who was 88 just the other day.  She began by self-publishing her ‘Little Blue Book’ way back in the early seventies and running her first workshop for a handful of people in her living room.  She started leading herself, and slowly and steadily, step by step, employed others to help her get her message out to many more people.

So do you have an intention for your business, or do you have a plan?  Perhaps you have neither, of course. The only challenge with neither is that it is very easy to get distracted with tempting opportunities that may lead to you never completing anything, not following up with someone, or ending up wandering around with no sense of accomplishment or purpose. Not that that is bad, of course, but it may be somewhat dissatisfying.

But a plan according to Appreciating People is at the other end of the spectrum, and  too limiting. However, an intention allows for flexibility, clarity of purpose and simplicity.

Which falls in line with the blog post I wrote a while back about ID’s (intention-directions)

Finally, remember Eisenhower’s quote: ‘Plans are nothing, planning is everything’.

So I ask you today – what is your intention for your business over the next three years?  Remember, keep it simple, clear and flexible.

If you can say it one sentence all the better – it can always be padded out. Mine is to enable many more thousands of people to tap into their own Wild Wisdom and use it to affect their businesses and the lives of others in a positive manner – I have various ways I’m currently operating to do that, but in essence that is it.  What’s yours?

How exactly your body language affects your business.


First of all, thanks to everyone who signed up for my Wild Wealth Pilot Programme!  We have just started – if you missed it and want to join in you can, for just the next few days. Sign up here.

Now, what was I doing standing outside a seminar room this week, with my hands on my hips, breathing deeply?  I was practicing a new technique, before entering to practice a pitch to a roomful of entrepreneurial women in Inverness, with a new organization, Investing Women.

Bonnie Clarke of Badenoch and Clark was one of the speakers on the seminar and told us about my gift to you today – this inspiring video by Amy Cuddy. It’s a TED talk, 20 minutes to watch, and it will change your perception of yourself, change how you present yourself, and change your life – if you let it!

So even if you think you haven’t got 20 minutes to watch it right now – I dare you to take the time anyway, it will be worth it!  (And then you can practice how it feels to stand with your hands on your hips for 2 minutes and see what happens!)

Let me know what you think – leave your comments below.

How Good CAN You Stand It?

Have you got a to-do list?  Do you look at it every day, cross things off and feel satisfied?  Do you translate things from one list to the next day’s list?

I used to do that.  A lot. And it works.  In fact, the owner of an MBS shop I know recently told me that no matter what happens, she makes a list each night of what needs to happen the next day, prioritises it, and then makes sure it all gets done.  And she has successfully turned her business round from making a significant loss to a healthy profit.

But what I noticed the other day was that although I’ve been great at doing lists in the past (mainly cos I love crossing things off , it gives me a feeling of satisfaction!) more recently I’ve not been doing them nearly as much. Continue reading