365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul

A large part of Wild Wisdom is about being so connected with your soul that you feel no sense of separation at all.

But what about when you can’t find your soul? What about if you feel abandoned by it? Or what if you just want to deepen your connection, to the extent that you really feel no separation at all?

I’m one of the contributing authors in a new book out today: 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul.

It contains one tip for each day of the year from over 200 authors, including Arielle Ford, Peggy McColl, Christy Whitman…and me! Buy it here:

When you are connected to your own soul, in whatever way you describe that, you are automatically connected to all that is. What’s more, it’s only then a hop away from knowing at a deep level that you ARE ‘all that is’. This is so nourishing, and is what I share towards the end of my book Gifted By Grief. 

But it’s easy to feel as if you are disconnected, unplugged and lost. So in this book are hundreds of different inspirational ways for you to plug back in.

Here are the book’s chapters:

  • Soulful Practices
  • Gratitude, Love, & Prayer
  • Nature & Animals
  • Playing & Having Fun
  • Wellness & Self-Care
  • Creativity & Writing
  • Meditation
  • Angels, Spirit Guides, & the Ethereal
  • Thoughts, Feelings, & Our Vibrations

In addition to helping others connect with their souls, this book will also help many animals since 5% of all profits from book sales will go to the Jane Goodall Institute.

Learn more about the book here  [your Amazon affiliate link or our main shortened link: http://goo.gl/fC0FuT]


London Bombings, Grief and Taking a Stand

In the wake of the tenth anniversary of the London bombings I’m writing this to anyone still affected by grief after a long time.

Ten years and two days ago, a horrific thing happened, which hardly bears thinking about, even now. It affected many people, not just those caught up in the incident themselves.

When tragedy strikes in the unexpected manner in which it did in the 7/7 London bombings, it is, of course, appalling. The shock, horror and all other emotions are overwhelming. Some may have come through this and become stronger as a result. Others may still be struggling, even years on.

My heart goes out to you if this is the case; I cannot imagine what it must have been like if you were a direct victim of the bombings, or a family member of someone who died, or someone who witnessed the suffering of those affected.

I do, however, know what it feels like to have a husband die from cancer (no comparison I know, and not intended to be). What I’ve discovered, though, is that in the grieving there is a gift to be found.

If you find yourself reacting to this statement, then maybe you are still hiding from your gift. Let me tell you about what I discovered.

I found my gift as a result of my husband’s death, there is no doubt about it.

I was propelled into an obsession with discovering what it is that is in a body that makes it alive one moment, and dead the next. Everything else was irrelevant.

As I watched my husband move from breathing to no breathing, I began to need, with a burning passion, to find out what it was that had been in the ‘filled skin-and-bones bag’ that had now become an empty bag before my eyes.

The life had been literally sucked out of him, leaving behind just a lifeless body, like a deflated balloon.

Discovering that we are not a body was a profound moment of realisation.

When you know beyond doubt that you are not a body, and neither is anyone else, then when the body dies it does not matter quite so much.

A heretic statement, maybe, and it certainly doesn’t take away the pain and sorrow of the loss. But it gets to be experienced in a different way.

Because when your thinking has turned upside down, and you realize that the body, with all its thoughts, feelings and sensations, is just a temporary home for who you really are, instead of your identity being solely housed in your body, then you awaken to moments of being.

Those are eternal; not subject to the laws of time, and allow connection with those that have died.

You may have found the gift in your grief already, whatever it is for you.

It may be nothing to do with not being a body. But if you haven’t found your gift, then I invite you to consider getting curious about what a body really is.

To explore this and discover for yourself that perhaps you and your loved one really are just a breath away.



What eggs are you hatching?

This morning, walking through the woods alongside the loch at the back of my house, I checked to see if the swan was still sitting on her nest.

First I saw her mate, head dipping below the dark green water, popping up now and again with a bit of weed between his beak.  On a small island of reeds towards the other side of the loch was the female swan, and sure enough, sitting on her eggs. Here’s a pic of them both:

Every year this pair are here. Every year they go through this ritual involved in ensuring the eggs are hatched safely and then a flock of little cygnets start to explore the loch.

The female swan though, is reliant on her mate to help her. Together, they are able to protect the eggs, keep them warm and ensure their safe hatching. This is team work extraordinaire!

And it made me think how important working with a team is, especially when you are wanting to hatch something. Whether it’s as a result of loss or not, every new beginning is easier when there is support. The swan has the support of her mate, and the large nest they made from twigs and other debris. When the cygnets are born, her mate continues to look out for them all.

Although I no longer have a mate to support me in my work,  I receive a lot from many other sources – my cleaner, a business coach, a mastermind group, a business buddy, and several Facebook groups.

What about you? What are you hatching? Are you sitting on your eggs? Nurturing a new-born babe in some way?  Have you got help or are you trying to do it all on your own? Is it time to reach out for support?

I’ve been an expert in ‘hatching’ things all my life in various different forms, so if you’d like a conversation to help you get clear on what you are hatching, or would like to hatch, then email me now!  I’d love to hear from you.

Money Magnet Manifesto

This manifesto is very, very simple, and yet incredibly effective.  Or it can be – it all depends on how you use it.  Download and print out this copy or even better, create your own!


There always has been enough (otherwise you wouldn’t be here, alive and kicking!)

There always is enough (for the same reasons)

There always will be enough – that’s the tricky one for many people.  Its not about there being ‘just enough’. Nor is it about ‘more than enough’ – that can come later. How can you have more than enough when you are not even open to having enough?


So this all raises the question of what is ‘enough’?  Which of course will be different for different people. So while you are working with this Manifesto, please check out how you feel around each of these statements each day.

It will change, and you’ll notice that if you monitor your thoughts and feelings in a journal, and then look back. Do it for 30 days and see what happens.  Notice what it is that sparks off a disbelief of any of the statements. Challenge yourself – use any fear or anxiety about there not being enough in the future as a calling to come back to the present.

This is NOT about not taking care of the future financially – by all means do that too – it IS about challenging thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck in anxiety, anger, fearfulness, withdrawal, worry and stress. Use the Manifesto and watch what happens.

If you want to use it as an affirmation, then reading these blog posts will help.

 Step By Step Rich Thoughts – to  help you understand the affirmative process