Do you have a business or are you in a J.O.B?

How does the word ‘business’ make you feel?  On the recent Wild Wealth Programme one thing that emerged was something I’ve seen over many years in this profession. It’s the effect this word has on many solo professionals.

When I had our complementary health clinic, there were few practitioners who considered themselves as anything other than ‘having a private practice’.   Some even described what they did as ‘just seeing a few clients’.

When you don’t think you are running a business, then it’s very likely you don’t conduct your financial affairs in a business like manner. This then means that it’s likely you won’t have a separate bank account for your business, that you trade your time for money, that you maybe don’t even pay yourself. These are not great things if you are wanting to build a sustainable business!

So today I’m asking you one of the questions from the Wild Wealth programme.

When you consider the statement ‘I am a successful business person’, how do you feel, what kinds of thoughts go through your mind?

How you respond to this statement will tell you something both about your idea of business and your idea of success.   Post your response by clicking on the number at the top right hand of the post, I’d love to hear from you!

And while we’re about it, here’s a few more illuminating questions:

  • Do you do all you can to limit the amount of money you bring in so you don’t have to pay any tax?
  • When do you pay yourself – after all the other bills, or are you top of your list of priorities?
  • Do you consider your only source of income to be that from your business?

All of these questions will tell you about how you view not only your business, but your wealth creating capacity.

The more successful practitioners in our clinic almost invariably did consider they were running a business, and often had the back up to help them do that, whether that be part-time administrative help, book-keeping, coaching or other advisers.  And part-time could be literally a couple of hours a week, or sometimes even less. But the great thing was, they had a business mindset.

So do you have a business mindset? Or are you really in a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). Because if you’re in the second category, you’ll never be able to really reap the benefits of owning and running a real business, such as most of what you do being tax deductible; knowing exactly what the numbers in your business are saying, to help you make decisions; or making a profit and being able to do what you like with that.

One of the first things you can do to take you further with developing your business is to pay attention to your money – start to love it, that’s what paying attention is about! You can do this by using the Radical Income Welcome Toolkit, which if you have already bought, I wonder are you actually using?

The Toolkit enables you to start to think about your money in a radically different way, a way that lets you love it for what it is, as well as what it can do for you. You’ll be able to identify your Money Comfort Level, and also be putting into practice a very simple but really effective method of welcoming in more income.   All of which is essential of course to a growing business!

If you haven’t already bought it, I invite you to do so now – here’s the link. It’s incredibly good value, check it out now and see what I mean!

How do you feel when you’re extra generous?

SAM_0809The sign said ‘Admission £2’, and there was an honesty box below in which to leave the cash.  We’d already paid to be in the park. It stopped me, I didn’t want to go into these gardens by having to pay more.  I announced to my friend,

“I’m not going to pay now, I’m going to find out what they are up to in the gardens and then think about it’.

So we progressed round the gardens and I had my first encounter with a robotic lawnmower – it was so funny seeing this little ‘beetle’ trundling noiselessly over the huge expanse of lawn!  The gardens were beautiful, some renovations had taken place and it was really flourishing.

On the way out, I gladly put my £2 into the box, I had so enjoyed the care that had been taken in the new planting. My companion left £2.05.  This impressed me because he was someone who had once been extremely wealthy in monetary terms, but had been made bankrupt and lost everything. But he still had a mindset that allowed him to feel rich and pay that extra 5p.

I liked that generosity, it made me feel good.

I would have preferred that notice to read ‘We would love you to share our gardens, and if on leaving you have also loved them, please do leave £2 towards the upkeep’. More of an invitation than an admission fee.

However, this whole thing got me thinking about how I wanted to be more generous too.  So here is a gift to you:

If you already have a business, or are self-employed, and are not currently working with me,  I’d like to invite you to take part in my new Wild Wealth Programme – for FREE!  Check it out here.

The only thing you have to do is be willing to complete a short feedback form after each class, and if you feel so moved, a testimonial at the end, as this is a pilot programme.  And we will be a small group as I want to be able to interact with each one of you.

The programme start date is Tuesday 30th September, at 7.30pm UK/11.30amPST/2.30pmEST.

If you are interested in this – and I only have 2 places available to subscribers of my newsletter – then please email me immediately:

In the meantime, how can you be extra generous today?  It feels so good to do it, so listen to whatever impulse you have, and then act on it!

The 3 Keys to Touching More Lives with Your REAL Gift

You may well think you know what your real gift is, and you’ll be right because it will be your unique version of what you do. But there is a much bigger, more fundamental REAL gift that needs to shine more fully through what you actually do, which, when it shines, means people can’t help but be attracted to you.

I’ve experienced it in a conversation; in a video; during a healing session; through a treatment; even while passing the time of day. What is it?

SAM_0771Come and find out on my free teleclass on Tuesday 16th September and discover how by practicing The 3 Keys, you will discover your REAL gift and be able to shower the world with your passion, your expertise and your love through attracting more clients, money and then time for yourself.

Now wouldn’t that be just great? Just think how much the world needs what you have to offer! Getting it out there in this fundamental way is essential, even if you are already doing the whole marketing thing ‘right’.

By the end of the class, you’ll:

  • know what the 3 Keys are,
  • have been introduced as to how to apply them,
  • know one step you can take forward in the direction of each key –

and be fully aware of what your REAL gift is! (Hint – everyone has it!)

So please sign up here and forward this link to a friend or two as well – anyone who has a small business, or is a solo professional, will really benefit.

And please share it on Facebook or your favourite social media site too. The more the merrier!

What’s the secret that could be keeping you stuck?

You know, I love it when people are willing to talk and share about things you are not ‘supposed’ to talk about; I love it when others are willing to be honest and vulnerable. It helps us all then to take down the masks, and stop being ashamed of who we are.  And if there’s one thing that Wild Wisdom is about, it’s about allowing your own wild wisdom to shine out, and be more of who you are, not less!

FringeDown at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this last weekend, there was a theme in two of the shows I attended . The first was ‘Over It: Death, Anorexia and Other Funny Things’. Given my interest in death lately, and my own experience of the kind of very black humour that can be so hilarious, you might have expected me to see that show. But you might not have known that I’d be interested in anorexia – not because I am or was anorexic, but because I was bulimic in my twenties.

So I know how very courageous it was to be doing a show about this subject, because one of the features of these kinds of illnesses is the shame, and the desire to keep it all hidden and secret.

And sadly, despite the fact that death happens to all of us, and to all our friends and family members, there appears to be a kind of shame attached to it too. As if the longer you live the more successful you have been!  Weird.  But for whatever reason, it’s not talked about enough, not free of embarrassment, not a normal dinner party conversation topic.

So when a young man was doing a stand-up comedy routine about when he was anorexic, closely followed by a slightly older woman doing the same about how death had touched her life, I really wanted to know how it would be.

It was wonderful. Very, very funny. Touching, poignant, and educational to boot.  All hail to these guys, they are doing a wonderful job.  I don’t want to say more about them because it will take away the surprise, but you can read more about them here.

The other show was more famous (had to pay to see that one!) Fascinating Aida are known mostly for their hilarious ‘Cheap Flights’ song. A 3-woman harmony group of Dillie, Adele and Liza, who write their own very amusing lyrics, they’ve been going quite a long time. They’re usually singing about the sorts of things we all recognize but people don’t often mention, and their songs on this set covered ageing, sex, the politicizing of the Brownies (what? yes, really!) and the reason I’m mentioning them here – gender change.

Together, two of them had been writing a song for over ten years, and now the timing was right to introduce us to it. Extremely funny as it was, it brought tears to my eyes too, it being the tale of how Adele had been a girl born into a boy’s body, the agony of that and the eventual relief when she was able to live properly as a woman.

Such courage!  Such guts, gumption and gracefulness from her and her two fellow singers, and from the Over It duo.

So here’s my question to you. Have you a secret that you want to share? Something you’re maybe a tad embarrassed about, or wish wasn’t part of your life?

Because it’s these kinds of things that hold you back. Not just in your work or business, but in life itself. It’s time to stop pretending, because if you want to move forward you have got to put down that piece of luggage that is proving a dead weight.

OK, I’ll share first. Even though I’m not bulimic now, I still sometimes binge eat. I realized this was a problem when a few months after my husband died, I found myself having 4 (largish) chocolate bars, one after another. It was dinner time, I could justify it to myself as a ‘meal’, albeit an unusual one, but really I was just kidding myself. And before you think, ah well, she had a good reason there, I’ve done this on and off without good reasons too!

Not great.  But there you go, that’s what’s now out in the open.  Not proud of it, but in sharing it takes away any shame, guilt, the thought of ‘doing something wrong’. It’s not a very loving act, but feeling bad about that on top is an extra layer definitely not needed.

So come join me – is there anything you’d like to share that could be holding you back? Any piece of luggage you would like to put down by bringing it out into the open?  Please join me and others in the comments box below and let’s begin to raise the lid on keeping secrets that keep us stuck!

Why ‘Ugh, I Don’t Want to Work With Her!’ Is a Good Thing

IMG_0373‘Everyone can use my service’, I overheard a complementary health practitioner say the other day. My heart dropped – I knew she would be in for a hard time with that idea going on.

Is that something you say? If so, I’m sure your service or product is amazing, but if you think it can help everyone, then that is not only you setting yourself up for failure, but also it’s a reflection of making it more difficult for money to find you. Continue reading