21 Great Resources that Will Save You Time in Your Business

clocktime-photoHere’s a great and very practical guest post from my friend and colleague, Alisoun Mackenzie. Scroll through it to find useful resources that YOU can use to help you market your business.

She says:

Having just returned from a wonderful six-month sabbatical I’m keen to ensure my business fits around my revived personal life, rather than the other way round.

One of the ways I’m doing this is by streamlining and automating much of what I do. And so in this blog I share some of my favourite apps, software, and resources that are helping me on this quest (read more by clicking on the link below):



Work Less, You’ll Get More Done. Honestly!

‘I’ll never get it all done in time!’ The words of someone under stress, harried and flustered. Very common, in all walks of life, not just work. It seems that the word ‘stress’ as in ‘I’m so stressed’ and ‘It’s so stressful’ have become a normal way of speaking and thinking. But what to do if you agree with these statements? Is it really possible to be less stressed AND get more done?

I know that it is, because it has happened for me. Since my husband’s death, which stopped me completely in my tracks, I was forced to find another way to work. I had no choice.

Hopefully you won’t be in that situation. Hopefully you won’t have to wait until a major life circumstance hits and you are forced to make changes.  Here’s 3 tips on how to do less but get more done.

  1. Stop thinking that stress is the problem.

Yes you may very well be facing difficult circumstances. It’s how you meet those that make them more or less stressful though.

Stress is just another word to which we have given too much power. You can lessen it’s power by remembering that how stressed you feel is actually down to how you meet your circumstances.  This is a turnaround, and definitely one of the attributes of Wild Wisdom!  So it’s not that there’s a stressful situation out there – situations are just what they are. Some are more intense than others of course, some are more challenging, but you can considerably lessen how stressful they are by thinking about them in different ways. For instance, if you’ve got a lot to get done on a day, re-prioritise. There is usually very little indeed that needs to be done by a certain time; it’s just that we get attached to a plan, or are trying to be efficient, or fit too many things in.

  1. Be willing to act on inspiration. When the muse takes you, even if you can’t do anything about it in that moment, make a note (verbal or written) of something that will remind you of it, so you can come to it later.  The reason this is important is because when you create from an inspired place, it always takes less time. (You can read here http://wildwisdom.co.uk/inspired-action-motivated-action/ more about the difference between inspired action and motivated action).

It takes practice to discover this, but here’s a story to inspire you. I had the idea just recently of creating a gift to give away to readers of my new book. The idea of it popped into my head (Grief Support Statement), I took action immediately and the content just poured out with ease. The whole thing took about half an hour, including formatting it.

  1. Set yourself a time limit and focus on the task for that time only. By doing this you’re creating a container within which your creativity can be safely unleashed. Once you’ve set the time, and are clear what the task is, take a few moments to settle in your chair. Close your eyes; let the edges of your body soften; notice your breathing. Relax. Then start your doing. This is the practical application of my mantra Stop. Be Still. Listen. And Only Then Act. When you do this, you’re opening the channels for flow to happen more easily, and when things are flowing they of course take less time.

If the back to front thinking in this article is proving hard for you to actually put into practice, and if you really WANT to work less, but produce more, then contact me.

August, traditionally a month of holidays, is not a holiday for me. Instead, I’m here to help you. 🙂 Email me with the answer to this question:

What is it about getting work done that is the most challenging for me?

And I’ll contact you to set up a time for a free Wild Wisdom conversation.

How teamwork is the trick to getting things done

I'll do it.‘If I want something done well, it’s best to do it myself.’

‘I’m the best person for the job; trouble is, I’m the best person for every job!’

‘It takes too long to show someone else to do; I might as well do it myself.’

If you’ve ever heard yourself saying any of these, then it may be time to reconsider, as in uttering these words you are guaranteed to be creating a hard time for yourself.  It’s understandable – as a professional, you know your work inside out, and no doubt you are proud of the brilliant service you offer others.

But if you want to include freedom, fun and balance in your life, then you’ll have to rethink these kinds of statements.

I was reminded last night of the power of contribution and community while watching a TV programme. A UK family had travelled from the UK to Chile, and were building their own home in the middle of nowhere, an hour’s drive from the nearest small shop.  They really were doing it all themselves, as well – no building contractors, no plumbers or electricians or carpenters. Just themselves, some books and  – well, yes they did have help, actually. They couldn’t in the end do it all alone.

The help came in the form of neighbours, and cattle. Cattle to drag the trees that had been chopped down to make one of the roofs. A neighbour whose work is felling trees for building; another neighbour who hunts the wild boar to make a living; and a final man who acted as a guide for the visiting TV presenter.

It got me thinking about how easy it is to think, as a solo professional, that you are working alone, and that you are the only one who can do what you do. While that is of course possible, it’s not how the best businesses are built. Those, no matter what size, come about with teamwork – when a team of people get together to create, inspire and implement.

It means you have to be willing to delegate (tasks that others can do); dream (into what you truly want, and then go for that); and reach out for help that you maybe secretly know you need.

I have both my brothers who work for me on the website and other IT needs; my coach, who helps me focus on the next steps; my various Facebook groups who are usually up for giving a bit of advice; and both my mastermind groups, where I can both give and receive help. Plus I have an accountant, who is always available should I need his advice.

I love knowing that someone else is working on my business, at the same time as I am. If you’ve never tried this, I recommend it!

We all, in essence, work better, more satisfyingly and productively when we work together. Plus, it’s much more fun!  Do you have a group of people with whom you work? Who are they, and what do you do for each other?  Share in the comments section and let me know!

If you’d like to discover how having me on your team will help you get clear on where you are going, holding your hand along the way, and supporting you to live your highest life possible, then email me direct and we can explore that in a complimentary Wild Wisdom Session. Reach out, in other words, and ask for help!

What Do You Do When Nothing You Do Works?

SAM_0590 copyDecide and Do, or Allow and Be?

On first look, this question appears to be simple – if you make a decision and take action on it, then the thing you want will happen. Simple. Easy.  Just do it, as Richard Branson would say.

And of course there is truth in that.

However, what do you do when nothing you do works?  What do you do when no matter what everyone else says, no matter what strategies you have pursued, no matter the amount of time and energy you’ve put into something, it still isn’t working as it’s supposed to?

Do you:

  • Beat yourself up?
  • Think there must something wrong with you?
  • Wonder how the rest of the world manages it and you can’t?
  • Just keep plodding on but with a very heavy heart?
  • Want to just run away to an island and lead a much simpler life?

I’ve wanted to do all of these from time to time, but needless to say, these thoughts are not very helpful on top of what is already probably a situation you are finding stressful!

This has happened to me lately, and I watched the mind stuck with thoughts like these.   (Well, not watching all the time, cos sometimes I was so stuck I felt like the thoughts really were true, and there WAS something wrong with me, the rest of the world HAD got it, and I hadn’t).

Now I write that here of course it’s obvious it’s mad, but at the time of being immersed in these thoughts it feels very real. I’m sure you know what I mean J

This was all happening because of various things behind the scenes with my new Wild Wisdom Inner Circle programme.

And finally it came to a head – when nothing you’re doing works, it’s a REALLY GOOD IDEA to stop doing!

Aha!  How very simple is that! And yet, is it?  Mostly what people do is continue trying to do, just slightly different things. Sometimes that does work, and sometimes it doesn’t.

But when you really have come to the end of your tether, allowing and being gets a chance to finally shine through.

And then it becomes obvious  –  stopping doing (activity which is guaranteed to deflect you from what is actually going on) and starting being (might still look like doing, but is actually happening from a very different place) is what is being asked of you.

However being is much more challenging to the mind which says things in horror, like:

  • You can’t just spend time doing what you love and not what needs to be done!
  • How dare you think you can take time off just when you need to knuckle down and work even harder!


  • I can’t stop, I’ll feel too guilty if I do.

But – what if life itself is requiring you to stop, or slow down, or do something entirely different?

What if life wants to go one way, and you are impeding that?

What if a message is trying to come through, except you can’t receive it because you’re so busy trying to make something happen?

This is Wild Wisdom – and it’s what I need to practice, and often do, every single day!  So just ask yourself that question beginning with ‘What if…?’ right now.

What if … you did something completely different?

What if … you just sat down and closed your eyes, breathed deeply and waited?

What if… you didn’t know what you thought ought to happen – what would you do then?

If you find this an article that you resonate with, and you’d like to talk to me more about it, or any other aspect of your business, then email me to set up a free Spirit in Business Strategy Session, where we’ll look at what your needs really are, and how to resolve them.

And If you’d like to know more about the place you can address these kind of challenges in a group, then check out the Wild Wisdom Inner Circle  here (the first call is on 19th June, so click now!)

Or – don’t do anything. Just be with the impact of what you have read and see what feels like the next best step for you to take.  Then take it!

Want To Stand Out? Here’s A Unique Way…

‘Walk slowly amongst the crowd so you stand out’.

These words were heard from an inner voice that is constantly there when this body called Jane goes slowly enough to hear it. They were part of a much longer message I took down some months ago, and as I’m on the island of Erraid being forced to slow down by illness, I thought I’d share them.

The message is the opposite of what is thought by us humans, who believe that to stand out you need to be at the top of your profession, become a celebrity, have plenty of money, be inordinately successful at something, be outrageous in some way, or just be different.

But in fact all of that is the wrong way round. In a world where rushing is the norm, and where the 3rd world is desperate to catch up with the 1st world, the only answer, the sole answer, is to slow down.

Slow …… down…..

Yes, just do that right now, while reading this.  Watch what happens. (And if you don’t slow down, or even stop, then that’s OK!  But if you do, just notice what happens to your breathing, your attention, and how you feel from the inside out. You may be surprised).

One very, very simple way of slowing down is with your walking. The natural movement of the body. Begin to notice what it feels like to walk, to place your foot in front of another. To feel the earth beneath your feet. To breathe in as you place one foot down, to breath out as you place the other.

Begin to notice how others’ walk.  How their bodies are being held.  Whether they are in contact with the earth, or appearing to float above it in some way.  Notice the energetic tension that appears as people rush, hurry and speed from one thing to the next.

Notice it in yourself too. And choose today to bring a momentary gap into that rushing.

A moment when you simply stop.

Do it right now. Yes. When you consciously choose this, you are returning home in that moment.  Actually, you have never left, but you think you have, hence the rushing to get somewhere. The irony is you only get there when you stop going wherever you think you are going.

So stop long enough to look and see that where you want to be, you already are.

Here. Right now. Right here. Present in Presence itself.