Wild Wisdom is born – upside down!

doing business differentlyWhen you’re frustrated by life, by business not going as fast as you want it to, by not enough clients coming in through the door, what do you do?

Try to do it better, yes?  Amend your plan, (if you have one!) go faster, start burning the candle at both ends. Work on managing your fear.  Do lots of stuff to attract clients.  The trouble is, this can sometimes really feel like you’re a hamster in a cage, going round and round and getting nowhere.

So, here’s an idea: Continue reading

How Good CAN You Stand It?

Have you got a to-do list?  Do you look at it every day, cross things off and feel satisfied?  Do you translate things from one list to the next day’s list?

I used to do that.  A lot. And it works.  In fact, the owner of an MBS shop I know recently told me that no matter what happens, she makes a list each night of what needs to happen the next day, prioritises it, and then makes sure it all gets done.  And she has successfully turned her business round from making a significant loss to a healthy profit.

But what I noticed the other day was that although I’ve been great at doing lists in the past (mainly cos I love crossing things off , it gives me a feeling of satisfaction!) more recently I’ve not been doing them nearly as much. Continue reading

Struggling vs Playing – how much are you doing of either?


‘Oh goodness, this is so hard!’

‘ I can’t do it!’

‘How come I can’t do it?’

Struggling. It’s just not nice, is it?  When you try so, so hard, doing everything right (apparently) and still you don’t get the results you want. And it’s not fair, either – after all that hard work, why isn’t it working?  You can’t understand it, and maybe you go back over what you’ve done, trying to work out (there’s that word ‘trying’ again), wanting to know what went wrong, how you can learn from it.

Or maybe you just give up.

Or worse, decide there must be something wrong with you, something lacking, as everyone else seems to be able to do it OK.

This used to be me, this last one. I was sure that everyone else had ‘it’ (sometimes I still fall into that trap J), that there was something I just wasn’t getting that would mean I would suddenly be catapulted into the world of stardom. Continue reading

So who do YOU want to be when you grow up?

Article below by Rich Fernandez PhD;  co-founder of Wisdom Labs and former director of executive education at Google. Originally published as ‘Life’s Work’ on Eckhart Tolle News.

When I was a young child I spent several years living with my extended family in the Philippines, where I learned to speak Tagalog. The language contains a beautiful expression for work – hanap buhay. When literally translated this term for work means “the search for life.” I have always liked this way of thinking about work – that it is an inward journey towards discovery where the things that make you feel most alive become your life’s work. Continue reading

Slow Business: A Manifesto for Reclaiming Our Lives

Business as usual is destroying our lives and the environment.

An Article by Jerry Stifelman, Mother Nature Network

The business world was thrown into a tizzy in 2009 when Gmail and Google’s news site were reported as “sluggish” for “about an hour.”  The BBC swiftly cited pundits proclaiming that the temporarily slow Google was “bad news for Google’s efforts to build up Apps, and to a less extent, Gmail, as critical business tools. If the mighty Google can stumble, then who can be trusted?” Erm — since when did an hour’s outage of anything, except maybe oxygen, become a major issue? It’s time we slow the heck down, people. (Read entire article..)