Do it now! Is this really a good idea?

I’m just starting to mull over how I shall be presenting the material in the first of my new, free teleclasses on Monday, entitled

Class One: The 5 Essential Conditions Your Mind Needs for Client Attraction

(see here for more details)

It’s taken me a while to realise that mindset is not just about the mind (see recent blog post), but the more I consider this, the more I realise it’s true.  One of the things I know is crucial is to stop listening to my mind when it chatters on along the lines of ‘Oh you must do this now, if you don’t do it now, then x y z will happen and that will be awful, so no matter what you feel like, DO IT NOW!”

Why stop listening? Why not just do it?  Isn’t getting things done a good idea?  Well, yes, but not if you’re coming from a self-bullying place such as this. It means I end up feeling some satisfaction from achieving the task, but not much enjoyment along the way. And I tell you, life is too short not to enjoy as many moments as possible!  So on the teleclass one of the things I’ll be exploring is how you can manage to stop, be still and listen to a calmer voice, and still manage to get things done.

Visit here now and sign up to register for it, it’ll be an interactive class and I’d love to hear your views.

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