Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed in Your Business? (If so, read this!)

Asking for support is something that many people have difficulties with. I’d like you to imagine the following scenes and discover which one is most familiar to you.

Do you sit alone in your office, working on every aspect of your business, tearing your hair out when you can’t understand something, and then giving yourself a hard time because you can’t understand? Do you spend hours trying to work something out, or to familiarise yourself with an aspect of your business that is not second nature? Maybe you even feel ashamed or stupid when you find yourself stuck, not knowing what a ‘portal problem’ or an ‘app’ or a ‘url’ is (all examples of things I have not known and felt silly about!).


are you someone who, upon realising that you don’t understand, you reach out to your phone and contact a colleague whom you know can help?

Perhaps you do a bit of both, depending on the circumstances.

Just recently, a friend approached me about helping her with a new development of her business. She had understood that in order to bring her idea to fruition, she just couldn’t do it alone – overwhelmed at the amount of work that would have to be done, and sheer fright at the responsibility was keeping her stuck. When she realised that when a business grows, it often happens as a result of a team effort, she had an ‘aha’ moment – and rang me.

She was reaching out for help – and I was delighted to be asked. We met up, and that meeting led to us identifying other roles that needed to be filled. Fortunately, because she had firmly grasped the idea that a business can only grow through a team of people helping to do it, she was no longer fazed at the idea that she needed at least 3 others to get on board.

If you are a solo professional, used to working on your own, like she was, and you identify with feeling overwhelmed sometimes, then you may need to find support. That can come in many forms – maybe you need a one off call with someone to discuss a particular situation; maybe you’re trying to develop your business like my friend above, are not yet quite ready to take on other people, but need someone to talk things through with. Or maybe you simply feel the need to ‘talk shop’ with your peers, and bounce ideas back and forth.

All of these constitute asking for help, and all of them mean you have to be willing to expand yourself, admit that you can’t do it all yourself and find someone, or a group of people, who can help you.

In order to do this, you need to be brave and reach out. I say be brave, because to receive help you need to:

1. Admit you can’t do what you want to do, or be who you want to be, without help.
2. Accept this fact without judgement.
3. Take action, reach out and make a request of another person or a group of people.
4. Be willing to take on board their help.
5. Allow yourself to grow, expand and embrace this help fully.

If any of the above steps alarms you, then just notice which one it is. This week I am challenging you to reach out in whatever way needs to happen, depending on which step you are at. If you have spotted that you need help in some area of your business (or in life itself, for that matter), then be honest and admit it! See whether or not you are criticising yourself for this. Be vulnerable, reach out if you can, and see what happens when you request help. Notice whether or not you have judgments about what that help is when it is offered. All of this is a process of you expanding, which needs to happen if you want your business to grow and develop.

If you know you could really benefit from support, email me about the group I am going to be running with your questions, or just to let me know of your interest. If there are specific things you would need to be covered in a group, tell me that too. I look forward to hearing from you!

One thought on “Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed in Your Business? (If so, read this!)

  1. If I have a good motivation, that can see me through all sorts of issues that would otherwise overwhelm me.

    When I was working in industry I had a ‘personal mission or intention’ and that helped me through all sorts of dreadful situations. Last year I refurbished a flat to a plan worked out with a professional feng shui consultant whose knowledge I really trust. When the sofa I’d bought didn’t fit through the living room door I still had faith in the plan, and that kept me going.

    I’m currently doing a business plan for an IT business, not because I really want to, but because as an older woman who’s not yet ready to retire it’s one of the few viable options. I need to find in myself an intention and a mission. That would really help me, then I can reach out for someone to help me with what I want to do, after all, the angels meet you half way.

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