Do You Love Your Business?

Hands up if you read that title and thought ‘Yuck – all wishy washy, airy fairy, stuff.  How can that be anything to do with business?’  Sadly, this is a common sentiment (because the power of love and friendship in your business can be enormous – if you let it).  Do the exercise below as you read on, to help you become closer to your business in a healthy and loving way.

Consider a positive, healthy friendship with someone close to you.  Make sure it’s someone you’ve known, whether they are alive or not.  Got someone in mind?  Great – now answer the following questions about that relationship.

•What words would you use to describe the qualities of that relationship?

•How do you feel about yourself when you think about this relationship?

•How do you feel about this person?

•What do they give you?

•What do you receive?

•What do you ask for?

•What metaphor would you use to describe this relationship?

•What can you count on?

•Who are you in this relationship?

When you’ve completed this with your friend or family member, go back over the questions again and replace your friend’s name with the name of your business; or the essence of your business, if you trade in your own name.

Notice how you feel when you do this; what shifts in your relationship towards your business.  Choose to give and receive love to and from your business, and today, be aware of all your actions in your business and consider whether or not they are loving ones or not.  If not, just pause a moment, and consider, just as with a friend, what you could do to make them loving.

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