The White Light Meditation MP3

IMG_0362Recommended when all is getting too much for you! Also very good if you are in physical pain, or have difficulty getting to sleep. It’s a relaxation of approximately 20 minutes, with soothing background music, going through your body and introducing the calming and healing properties of light.

Here’s what one listener said:

‘Thanks to Jane’s White Light Meditation, relaxing is no longer an issue for me. Anytime I feel a physical or mental tension that refuses to budge I simply take 20 minutes to stop and listen to the White Light Meditation. The difference in my wellbeing, general attitude and productivity before and after listening to this meditation is staggering. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for instant relaxation to heal the body and mind’
–Emer O’Leary

The Five Minute Relaxation MP3

5 min relaxMy darling late husband,  ex-psychotherapist Philip Rogers, recorded this quite a long time ago, and it’s still as popular now as it was then. It really does only take just over 5 minutes!

Perfect when you know you need to interrupt what you’re up to, and re-align yourself, calm down, or prepare yourself for a meeting or challenge of some kind.  Plus he’s got a great, calming voice  (not that I’m biased, of course…)

Here’s what one listener said:

“One passing psychiatrist I ended up seeing gave me this 5 min relaxtion to listen to. I had been soooo fussy, tried yoga nidra and various mindfulness CDs but just couldn’t do them. Too long. Too silly. Annoying voice. Wrong music. But the one of PHILIP was so beautiful and gentle and slow it was perfect. THANK U PHILIP!” – Wendy, Australia.


Mistakes Road SignReport: 7 Biggest Business Mistakes Therapists, Coaches and other Solo Professionals Make and How To Avoid Them

24 pages on exactly what the title says! Very practical, and with plenty of ideas and resources to get you thinking about what you do and how to change it, if needed.

Read and download the report here.


Moods Emotions Faces Many Variety Moodiness FeelingsThe Feelings Vocabulary 

These lists are really helpful when you’re struggling to identify what feeling is going on – use it for inspiration, clarity and acceptance.   See what happens when you recognise a feeling, and then notice the inner relaxing that happens.  See the Feelings Vocabulary here.



Please click the wallpapers link above to see a selection of Jane’s doodles produced as wallpapers for you to download and use on your desktop or mobile device. The collection will gradually build over time, so keep looking.

Wild Wisdom Wallpaper 001    Wild Wisdom wallpaper 002


Wild Wisdom Posters

Wild Wisdom Posters  are available as instant downloads for you to print yourself or have printed. 

Enough Money Poster

Poster - enough money 72

This is up on my fridge door, where I see it every time I sit down to eat.  Very, very important, it reminds me of the truth of the matter in the moment.  Even if I need to hear it EVERY moment!  And of course, it applies to all sorts of other things as well as money, like love, time, food, you name it…

Stop Be Still

Poster - Stop Be Still 72

This is my personal mantra. Having spent years practicing ‘inner listening’, hearing words and being guided to write, this came through about 3 or 4 years ago, and I use it often.  That’s cos it’s a huge challenge, especially when you think you’re in full flow!  But it’s great to stop and check where you’re coming from – and also to stop before you begin any task too.

What Does Love Poster

what does love poster 72

This is inspired from when I was studying the Course in Miracles – often Love has quite a different answer from what you think the answer is! It’s great to be reminded of this; and this poster is the one I used when looking at all the ideas and inspirations I had for 2014.

Your Personalised Poster

Yes, I can doodle your own personal words, affirmation or mantra. Email me direct with Poster in the subject line about how this works.