Has Doubting Doris Come to Visit You?

Just recently on the RichThinking Way teleclass, we had more than our usual amount of participants. Who else was there? Doubting Doris, Heavy Henry and Terrified Tanya.

What do I mean by this? Well, one of the things I do in this course is emphasise how ALL your feelings can contribute to the success of your business, and by all I really mean all! This can be be bit challenging when you think of those feelings that you’d rather not be having, namely the so-called ‘negative’ ones, in the case above, doubt, heaviness and terror.

Can you imagine having feelings of fear and that being OK? Or angry feelings and allowing them to be there? Or grief and sadness, and being with them while they are visiting? Because when these kinds of feelings are not at the very least acknowledged, they can cause havoc in not only your business but the rest of your life too.

I know you know what I mean, because part of the human condition is experiencing feelings that just don’t feel very nice. When these feelings descend (and yes, it does sometimes feel like they descend uninvited), it’s easy to feel completely out of control and wonder if it’s all worth the bother.

But one of the ways in which you know you are being rich in your life is to understand that when a feeling you’d rather not be having comes to visit, it is a sign to invite you to say hallo, and then begin the process of saying goodbye and inviting a more positive and nurturing feeling to visit.

This whole idea of visiting is important, because a visitor is exactly that, someone who usually comes as a result of an invitation. Even though you may think that the negative feeling has popped in without being invited, or even set up it’s bed intending to stay for a few nights, it has usually come as a result of what you have been thinking and feeling without realising you’ve been doing so.

That’s why watching what you think is important, because you can interrupt this potential visitor at an early point when you catch it lurking outside your front door.

However, let’s say it has barged in the door and is making it’s presence felt in your front room, or even taken over the whole house, so to speak. What I highly recommend in this case is to get to know them a bit. After all, they are there, and the more you ignore them, the more they are likely to make their presence felt, if not now, then by catching you unawares at a later date.

And that’s where Doubting Doris, Heavy Henry and Terrified Tanya came in. These were the names that some of the participants gave to their ‘visitors’ in the visualisation we did on this RichThinking Way teleclass.

What are the benefits? The real magic in acknowledging the presence of these visitors is that they all have a gift to give you. A gift? There’s no beautiful wrapping or gorgeous box! No, but if you’re willing to acknowledge their ‘presence’, then you’ll find the hidden ‘presents’ they have for you.

Next time you have a visitor of this kind, try saying hallo, or even making friends. Their gift is always one that will benefit your life, and therefore your business too. Many times it’s very specific to your business, and will contribute to the enjoyment and pleasure you get from your working day.

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