Have You Discovered the 3 Essentials to Encourage the Flow of Money?

“Money is meant to flow. It’s like water – meant to flow in, and flow out, flow in, and out again. It’s not meant to be still.”  So said a colleague of mine some years ago, a successful businessman running a medium sized company in Argentina.

I listened, because it was clear he knew what he was talking about. He, his father and brother had started a small engineering company from their home over twenty five years ago, when his brother had become partially paralysed and couldn’t find employment.  Over the years they had built it into a successful world-wide business, employing over 60 people.

I shared this quote on the Money and Chakras weekend, as there was lots of talk at the beginning about the difficulties in getting a loan from the banks, meaning money is not flowing.  If you have a small business, and have been wanting a loan, you will know the traditional resources are no longer available. In other words, the flow has stopped.

What happens when you think of a flow of money? Is it a flowing in to you, or a flowing out from you? Is it a continuous flow, or does it stop and start? If you want a healthy flow of money, then that means both saving (money coming in) and spending (money going out). 

Here’s three essential attributes for a healthy flow of money:

1. Contribute to the flow – one of the ways of doing this is by saving. These days there is little financial incentive to save but it does demonstrate that you know how to take care of money when it comes in, even if you are saving small amounts. One fun way of doing this is by starting a Pleasure Pot.

What is a Pleasure Pot? What it sounds like – mine consists of saving £2 coins, which have to be spent regularly on pleasure. It means I get the joy of saving and of spending – for example I had a spa day on the £80 that had accumulated the last time, very nice!

2. Spend from the flow. Of course you spend money, who doesn’t? The trick here is to spend it consciously and with gratitude. That’s why you often read about people writing ‘with thanks’ on their cheques; or taking a moment to be grateful for the electricity they have received; or enjoying the fact that their council tax payments have contributed to a well-tended walkway nearby.

In the moment of spending, on anything, the attitude is important. If you feel resentment because more money is disappearing out of your account than coming in, this will not contribute to you feeling good; whereas being grateful for the fact you have the money to spend in the first place will have the opposite effect – you will be contributing energetically to the flow even while physically you are releasing money.

3. Keep an open mind about where money comes from.  Over the years I’ve heard many people inadvertently limit their money supply by assuming that they have to earn it. Why? How do you know that it won’t come to you out of the blue?

What about the time a few years ago, when the bank wrote to us to say they had made a mistake, and they owed us £2000 (unbelievable but true)?  And the time when, just when it was needed, my aunt sent me a cheque out of the blue? And when a client wanted to pay me twice in one month for various reasons, an action that eased my particular cashflow that month.  All of these are true examples, and I’m sure you have your own too.

So I invite you this week to start a Pleasure Pot.  Find a nice pot or dish, not too big, and put it in a safe corner of your house. I have a Moroccan pudding bowl, which holds about £100 of £2 coins. Decide you are going to save £2 coins (or another denomination, but I recommend £2 as they add up quickly!). Each time these coins come to you, don’t spend them, just put them in the Pleasure Pot. Notice how you feel when you do this. Commit to spending it regularly – that’s why you don’t want a large pot, because the whole point of this is that you both save and spend, enjoy yourself doing both! If you already have a Pleasure Pot, then make sure you really are spending it just on Pleasure with a capital P! And know your pleasure in and of itself is contributing to an easier flow of money in your life.

9 thoughts on “Have You Discovered the 3 Essentials to Encourage the Flow of Money?

  1. sounds lovely and playful, off to look for a pot now! Lots of recent changes in my life have made me very serious regarding money and this little pleasure pot is just what I need to loosen up a bit! Thank you 🙂

    • Wonderful Bea – isn’t it great to think of a whole lot of Pleasure Pots around the world, and lots of people allowing themselves to spend consciously on whatever brings them pleasure. Please forward this post to as many as possible and let us encourage many more Pleasure Pots!

  2. Thanks Jane… I already collect £2 coins – I love the look of them. I have spent some recently but am building them back up.

    The Pleasure Pot sounds and feels good.

    I’ve done the Abundance Bowl Project for 30 days too and that changed things for me too. About to start another one for September!

  3. thanks for the reminder Jane. years ago in my family it used to be the lovely little 6 pences in one of those funny shaped whisky bottles. so that shows my age!! (but I was probably about 5…..’) am going to start again with the £2s

  4. Pleasure is so important. If you’ve saved for it, it seems that much more rewarding. There’s a part of our brain that senses a reward – I wonder if saving and then spending what you’ve saved would trigger those feelings. The chocolate cake somehow tastes that much better!

  5. I have a pot which at the moment is used for loose change, usually coppers, but when I was first on my own I used it to put all the £2 coins that came my way. It was a wonderful feeling seeing it filling up. When a girlfriend asked me to join her on her drive to Italy the pot held £52 exactly the amount I needed for my share of the ferry! I will have to do it again you never know I might get asked to go somewhere else!

    • Thank you. I have two pleasure pots for my Mum and Daughter and realise I need one for Myself!
      Life is a Pleasure and Thank You for Reminding me about The Flow of Money!

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