Have YOU Got a Spiritual Business? (Part One)

Remember how the word ‘massage’ used to only conjure up an image of a seedy backstreet in a red light district, and catering to unusual sexual tastes? That was over twenty or thirty years ago, and now the term massage is widely accepted to mean what it is – a treatment covering many different modalities, dealing with many different health issues, but all of them about bringing the person into better health. In other words, it is perfectly respectable and well-accepted by the general public.

I think the term ‘spiritual business’ is going to become more and more acceptable, too – it might take another twenty of thirty years, but especially in the light of so much evidence of corruption in recent years, the credit crunch and the disillusionment with banks and the banking system, something has got to change.

At the moment, people in the mainstream world may think about the term ‘spiritual business as ‘massage’ used to be thought about – associating it with ‘woo-woo’, ‘New Age’ or ‘wishy-washy Law of Attraction thinking’. But I think it is far, far more than this.

Firstly, what is spirituality?
The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as:

relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

If you are someone who considers your life is contributed to by the presence of spirit or soul, or you would like it to be, then you are open to being able to bring spirituality into your business. You quite possibly already do, if for example, you are someone who consciously values walking in nature and appreciating the wondrous experience possible there, and then you return to your work, fulfilled by what nature has given you, which then infuses the work you do. This could easily mean you have a spiritual business.  But not if your business is drug trafficking, or something else that is damaging to others, or the world!

So perhaps one definition of a spiritual business could be where you find meaning in your work, which contributes to the world in and of itself, so that greater good and wisdom is expanded throughout the world.

I would love to hear from you what your ideas are about spirituality in business, or indeed what you think a spiritual business is.

To spark off some ideas in you, look down this list and see how many sentences apply to you. I’ve put them together as some suggestions as to what might define a spiritual business. Then do please post below on the website your own thoughts!

A spiritual business is one where:

• Integrity in business dealings is uppermost

• You work to see the good in all things, no matter how disastrous they appear to be

• Your personal spiritual journey is reflected in your business

• You are doing something you love doing and has meaning for you

• Your business is actively contributing to making the world a better place

• You work, or aspire to work, within the context of being held by a power greater than you, regardless of definition

• You regularly take time to connect with your heart to bring that dimension into your business

• You take an attitude of responsibility to whatever happens, rather than blame

• You endeavour to find the balance between being in stillness and taking action

• You like to hold yourself and your team in the light, whether you mention it to them or not!

• You like to begin meetings with silence and an invitation to team members to check out how they are within

• You acknowledge the existence of angels, guides, unseen realms that can help

• You appreciate your intuition and try to act on it if appropriate

• You conduct yourself in an ethical manner

• Your own and your team’ s fulfilment is at least as important as your profit

• Profit is accepted as a healthy sign of a good business

• Your business development and spiritual growth are part and parcel of the same thing

21 thoughts on “Have YOU Got a Spiritual Business? (Part One)

  1. For me, a spiritual business is a way to express the essence of who you are. It is like an extension of yourself. It gives you an opportunity to walk your talk.

  2. I have a spiritual business! Every thing about my business is spiritual. In 2006 I graduated with an associates degree in Therapeutic Massage Therapy & Integrated Health Care. When I came up with the name for my massage practice, I thought about what name would represent the value of my services and also a name that represents what people need. I did a 20 minute meditation, a quieting of the mind, and with a clear mind came up with Essential Healing Now. Perfect name! Healing is essential and only takes place in the now. I further asked, “What type of massage should I do?” I heard myself say, “Reiki Aroma Massage Therapy.” Massage Therapy is amazing, but Reiki Therapy is very healing to the spirit and Aromatherapy amplifies it. Reiki is very spiritual. Reiki energy flows through the practitioner to the client and goes where it is needed to balance the energy of the body. The Essential Oils that I use in my practice are Therapeutic-Grade meaning they have a very high frequency. By combining all 3 modalities together, people are greatly benefited. My passion and purpose is to help people become aware of their personal power and help them realize that they do choose every thought, word, and action thus they can make choices to create a life of wellness, purpose, and abundance. My business is all about helping people become aware of the now, be in the present by releasing thought, connect with themselves and with the universe, release bodily tension, and feel empowered. If I did not combine my life purpose with my business I would feel that my services had no value.

    • Thanks Persephone – your business is right in the middle of what many would think ‘spiritual’ means, in that you are offering a service and products that are easily associated with that word. Plus you personally are using your connection with a higher power to help you in your business.

      However, Shelagh’s comments below about values and whether or not the business is congruent come into play to in my understanding of spiritual – and if what you put out in your marketing is at odds with what you provide, then that probably doesn’t come under the heading ‘spiritual’. Food for thought, indeed!

  3. I think a spiritual business has an overarching purpose that makes a contribution to the world.It is guided by intuition rather than book knowledge of good/profitable business practices, and it nurtures and empowers it’s employees, seeing them as partners not slaves.

  4. To some extent it matters what you do, perhaps to a bigger extent it matters why you are doing it, and what your intention is. If you are a nurse, and you enjoy caring for people, even saving lives, and you do this well, then that is very obviously spiritual. If you have a job that turns your stomach (I used to have to ask little old ladies about their finances, a highly taboo and private subject for them, and I felt very embarrased about it), but I did it as kindly as I could, that I think is also spiritual. The nurse in this example gives a lot to society and does it joyfully. The finance clerk practices compassion, while working within a somewhat imperfect system.

  5. I loved your list! Imagine a world where business was conducted with just a few of those values.
    Does intending work to be worship make anything a spiritual business? I imagine a Sufi master in the souk mending sandals – I think in bringing the deepest, loving intention to his craft, and to his customers, he has a spiritual business. In the ashram I remember being told to make cleaning a meditation. To be present in what I was doing and forget any judgments, to ignore feelings of self-importance or the opposite. It was interesting!

  6. One would think that my business as an Angel Therapy Practioner could be nothing but spiritually based. Yet, I know if I did not treat my clients and “my team” with appreciation, respect and honor the reason we have come together, it would not be spiritually based.

    I must always remember I am not more than a linc for the client to find their highest good in whatever we discuss. My business is a spiritually based business because I check my ego at the door.

    I try to utilize all of these efforts in everything I do. If I did it all, all the time, I would be perfect. So, each day, I renew my intention, connect with my Angels and guides and move forward a little more until maybe and hopefully, one day, it will just be a habit and all that I am.

    • ‘I check my ego at the door’ – what a great sentence! Thanks Roseann.

      And everyone, thank you so much for these responses and keep them coming, I so appreciate this. I will use them in a second and maybe even third article on the theme of Spiritual Business!

  7. We are Spirit, first.Human second.
    Within the human we connect with Being, the nature of which is Spirit.
    When operating from a sense of Being our choices are perfect. Therefore all aspects of life including business will be as it should.

  8. Hi Jane,

    Excellent blog! Awesome list! Thank you for sharing.

    Indeed, most of the values you mention are what will ensure the future success of any business. In fact, not only will it ensure the success of companies and corporations, large or small, it will also be vital for their survival. The typical small spiritual business, currently operated by pioneers like you and me all over the globe, will ultimately become the prototype and business model for the larger organizations. We are indeed blessed to be one step ahead in this regard!

    We are slowly, but surely, shifting into the Age of Intuition which will increasingly change the way we do business and how we engage with each other, as well as with all other living beings and our wonderful planet. Traditional business skills and strategies, supplemented with a dash of Emotional Intelligence training, will no longer make the grade in the business environment of the future. Neither will businesses that are driven only by a profit at all cost approach.

    A business model based on strong spiritual values and practices, combined with lots of Intuitive Intelligence, will be a prerequisite in the years to come. Without it we will destroy each other, and or our planet. All this ‘woo-woo’, ‘New Age’ or ‘wishy-washy Law of Attraction thinking’ stuff will become the key to mainstream survival.

    If you are reading this and you are still one of those practitioners hiding in the ‘woo-woo’ closet, it is time for you to come out. The world needs you right now. You must stop feeling ashamed or embarrassed because you charge for your spiritual services, in order to put bread on the table. I am a spiritual entrepreneur and I operate a full-time spiritual business and I am very proud of what I do and the difference I making in the world.

    Namaste 🙂

    • Anthon – thanks; you make such a great point. If you do not charge, or do not charge enough to cover your needs comfortably (and one person’s idea of comfort may be very different from another’s) then you don’t have a sustainable business. Part of being a spiritual business in my book is making sure you make a profit while making a difference.

      • Absolutely Jane! If I did not earn a reasonable income from doing what I was born to do, I would have to resort to doing it part-time, or as a hobby. There is nothing wrong with that, apart from the fact that it reduces the number of people I can reach in my lifetime. I guess you could say it would be the same as allowing a specialist medical doctor to only treat patients on the weekends, or limiting a marine biologist who works with dolphins to just working at the small aquarium down the road.

        Somewhere through the ages we developed this idea that spirituality should not be mixed with ‘dirty’ money. In my opinion living in gratitude and appreciation of the abundance of the Universe is one of the most spiritual things one can do, next to peace, harmony and love for each other.

        I discovered this interesting article about the relationship between money and spirituality a while ago, and I thought I should share it here: http://anneclaires.blogspot.com/2011/01/money-and-spirituality.html

  9. As soon as you begin to discuss spirituality as a seperate issue, it immediately looses its wholeness. Spiritualty is an aspect of the whole and the whole. If you work with integrity, honesty passion and ethics you are reflecting your spirituality. This is what many businesses are doing already, but they dont need to label it as spiritual. Why risk alienating people by dissecting an understanding of life into its parts, its not necessary. Many qualities in life you just dont need to name as they are experienced through the wholeness of your being. People know this and react to it, even unconsciously.

    • Good point Peter. However I feel an emphasis on this will help people to consciously understand why they choose one particular business over another, why they like one product or service more than another – and we need this all out in the open to redress the balance of our society having gone so much the other way.

  10. Jane -you just knew I’d have to comment on this! and it’s a great question….!

    I do agree with a lot of what has already been sasid, and with your own fascinating list.

    But there is one point I would like to make.

    For me the key characteristic of Spiritual Marketing is that the values of the business are accurately reflected in the marketing of the business.

    And those values do not have to be just what I call the “good” values. You know the ones – love, honesty, trust, passion – the spiritual equivalent of “motherhood and apple pie.”

    We talked about this during Spiritual Marketing Awareness Month last year (
    http://spiritualmarketing-blog.com/spiritual-marketing-awareness-month/what-if-my-values-are-bad-ones/ ) and I think it is a distinction that will become increasingly important as awareness grows in the way you suggest.


  11. Yes , I agree with most of what you write and am delighted with the responses so far! I definitely think I run a spiritual business- in fact , there is nothing I can do that is not spiritual if that is my intention. My vow as an Interfaith Minister is that ‘ I am open to serve with love’ and that means 24/7. There is no time that I am at work and NOT open to serve with love- it just doesn’t happen that way. The work would not happen. It just wouldn’t work! My business is called Alchemy Associates and it just amazes me that everything happens so magically , clearly there is some alchemy involved, a spirit that imbues everything we touch with gold, when that pure intention is held.

  12. Thanks Jane – these are really important ideas for us to be getting out there and talking about so that the ideas become part of mass consciousness thinking and push out the old negative ego business model. Yes to focus on spiritual business and I really like all the ideas you gathered together.

  13. Let me share a work practice with you given to me by a very wise teacher. I was advised to turn my work into a structured practice. My work was writing computer helps. Not glamourous, but all it was all I had. The aim of computer helps was to relieve computer users of anxiety.

    I started the day with intention – and a prayer that my work would benefit many beings. I worked during the day – usually with many difficulties, and I’m sure I displayed my fair share of faults. At the end of the day I would dedicate my work for the benefit of all beings. Let’s just say the power of intention, a teacher’s blessing and prayer works wonders.

    • Starting the day with intention is something I advocate on The RichThinking Way – however, this takes it one step further, so thank you Mr Fluffy, much appreciated!

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