How Choosing Your Beliefs Can Change Your Life (and Business!)

How can anyone even begin to think of putting up their prices in this economic climate?” said a colleague one day. Indeed. It’s relatively easy if your thoughts about the economy, money and pricing are separate from your emotions. Which doesn’t mean that you don’t feel empathic towards people who are genuinely struggling for money these days. Of course not. What it does mean is being willing to look at your ideas and beliefs behind the emotions. So what are your beliefs and attitudes around the current economic situation, money in general and pricing, yours in particular?

All ideas are influenced by your beliefs, and what is a belief but an idea, repeated many times in thoughts, words, and feelings, and then actions which stem from those beliefs. Usually these ideas are not yours originally, but your parents or other early influential figures, who may have carried on their lives with beliefs inherited from their parents and so on, sometimes back for many generations. So that’s the first thing to do – name your beliefs about the economic situation and look to see if they really are yours or not. This is a huge subject, and in this article I’ll just focus on beliefs and ideas about the economy.

I don’t know a lot about economics and the ins and outs of the world banking systems, the impact on politics or even what is going on at a local level economically. But I do know a lot about energy, and how that is affected by words, thoughts, ideas, opinions, feelings, judgements and gossip. You do too, even if you don’t realise it.

Here’s an example. Imagine you’re in a local shop; the person in front of you in the queue is chatting to the shopowner about how dreadful everything is these days, how prices have shot up, they can’t afford what they used to be able to afford, and really the outlook is just very dismal indeed. When you overhear that kind of conversation it does nothing to lift your spirits, does it? Instead it’s likely to plunge you into the doom and gloom that is being talked about. At an energetic level this does nothing to keep you open-minded, open to opportunities, open to love, open to the abundance that already exists in your life. Rather, it blocks you experiencing that.

When you notice you are joining in with the gossip about how hard everything is, discover if you can notice yourself agreeing with the doom and gloom without judging yourself. Because it is the judgment that really causes the damage, and it is judgments that fuel beliefs and attitudes. So it is one thing to have an attitude that says ‘no-one out there has any money to pay for anything these days’; but it is quite another to agree with that as if it were true (making a judgment that says it is right) or even to disagree vehemently and say ‘that’s not true, I know lots of people who have money and can still pay’. While I might encourage you to think the second as it is more open-minded, and therefore more likely to help you create the situation you want (people paying for your service), there is also a judgment going on there too – that to be open and think more positively is better. While there have been plenty of studies to show that thinking positively is good for you, it certainly isn’t if you’re just doing a cover-up job.

So I prefer to think of these differences as just that, different statements. One makes you feel good in your body, and the other doesn’t. And if you are in the business of wanting to feel good more often than not, which is what I think life is all about really, then it’s pretty obvious what you would choose to think – assuming you can do that consciously. Judgments, opinions, righteous gossip and even a glimmer of ‘know-it-all-ness’ block the route to your heart. They are what stop you being able to empathise with someone else’s situation; they are what cause you to blame, have rigid thinking, and consequently contracted energy. And when you are contracted it is very hard to see the good things, let alone experience them.

Finally, none of these things will aid you in your working life, and some of them will definitely detract from you getting the results you want. So if you want to experience ease and flow in the finances of your business, look at your ideas about money, economics, the global financial situation. Investigate to discover where you have contracted energy and where you have expansive. Intend to grow the areas where you have expansive energy and watch what happens.

2 thoughts on “How Choosing Your Beliefs Can Change Your Life (and Business!)

  1. I love this stuff. I see myself in every sentance, but I also see that judgement (which I’m rather prone to) closes doors, which are very hard to open again. Texts like this help me say ‘perhaps I could review my point of view, and that’s OK’. That opens the door to feelings that get ‘shouted down’ by judgement.

    I am fortunate to have grown up in less prosperous times than today, when community and your spiritual life had high priority. Money was about survival, but after that it wasn’t so important. Returning to the financial expectations of my youth have made me feel more prosperous, and I remember that I have more luxuries now than I did in those days.

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