How Doing Business Backwards Can Change the World (Part 2)

A guest article by Stacie Whitney

If you missed Part 1 of this article, you can read it here.  It ended with the question:

Is it enough in life to “just do what we love?”

I ask you:


If that’s not the point of life, then what is?


A few weeks ago, came this wild idea that my work is just about doing what I love, focusing on that, and therefore creating more of the same.  In other words, if I keep focused on the positive, then my natural energetic state and vibration will keep increasing, to the point where I will just attract more positivity & higher frequency opportunities.


Is this a safe way to do business?  No plan, just follow my bliss?  Is this just a crazy notion?  Yes, perhaps in the old way of doing things.  The old system says:


  1.    Have a vision.
  2.    Make a plan.
  3.    Execute that plan.


This can be as ‘spiritual’ as you like, but notice it’s still based in the head.  It’s about thinking the whole thing through, then acting in a formulated manner.


It’s this system (allowing the thinking mind to do all the work) that’s landed us in such a volatile world.  We need to come from a different place if we are to re-create our lives in a more harmonious, joyful way.


The new paradigm is one of intuition, allowance and flow.  So this would look more like this:


  1.    Tune in to my body – what does it need in this moment?
  2.    Take some time of stillness, and from that stillness, notice any intuitive or gut messages that I get.
  3.    If an action doesn’t immediately pop into mind, then ask for guidance – “if there is an action I am to take,             what would it look like?”
  4.    Only act if there is an answer.


Acting from this place is what’s known as inspired action.  It won’t always make sense in your head, in fact many times it may seem absurd.  But it will feel right, and you will be fully in your soul’s integrity.  And, here’s the thing:


When you do what you love, you are naturally in your place of power. 


So the way to create a world of empowered individuals is for us all to simply begin to do what we love!


Sounds almost too simple, doesn’t it?


But that’s the IS simple.


Remember, it’s not your head’s job to decide what is right for your soul – that’s your soul’s job (heard through intuition).  It’s your head’s job, once you have a plan of inspired action, to help you execute it.  It uses discernment, logic & it’s knowledge of how things work, to help you bring things to fruition.  If you’re ever feeling stuck in the process of inspired action, take a deep breath, sit back, and ask yourself if you’ve given your head more power than it needs to be holding.  This is usually what keeps us feeling stuck or blocked.


So I’m in the midst of an experiment, with my life! My current job (one of them, anyway – remember, I never chose a niche!) is to do what I most love, whatever that is in the moment, and write about it (I also love to write).  I’ve begun a blog about this journey, and I’ve had doubts, which made me stop writing.  But I keep coming back to this feeling that this kind of work is important in the world.  And the doubts are always coming from my head, not from my soul.  So I’ve started writing again.  And by recommitting to do this work, which comes from a place of heart, I’ve already found richness & contentment that I haven’t known before.


I have no clue where it will take me, but I’m excited and curious to find out!


As 2013 draws near, I feel certain that we are living in extraordinary, and powerful times.  Here in Northern Scotland, it may be the beginning of the dark season, but the quality of the light is intense.  Like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  On which do you choose to focus?


Have you ‘followed your bliss’ and want to tell us about it?  Share your story in the comments below.


Stacie L. Whitney is a mother, wife, intuitive business owner, and a travel writer of the soul.   You can read about her intuitive life experiment at



3 thoughts on “How Doing Business Backwards Can Change the World (Part 2)

  1. @Stacie – Thank you for your Article – I love it! I read all your input on your own site this afternoon. Never felt so familiar and “understood” – it’s like coming home. 🙂 Please keep on doing what you do – or better: beeing what you are! I really appreciate your work and follow you via RSS.
    @Jane – Im grateful to stumbling across your website, it inspires me and gives me confidence – just started exploring! 🙂

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