How to Cope When You’ve Outgrown Your Business (Part 2)

Last week I shared about how I’m rediscovering the essence of RichThinkers, which for me is about awakening and inspiring you to grow your business from a place connected with your passion, purpose and presence.

Notice the lack of another ‘p’ word – profit. This is not because profit is not important, but profit without you:

  • fulfilling your purpose in being alive
  • feeling passionate about what you do
  • shining who you are in the world

is empty profit, no matter how much actual money you are making.

It’s very likely that money is not your prime motivator for doing what you do. If you think it is, then think again because underneath the requirement and perhaps need for money, will be something else that is driving you. Something that made you choose to live your life the way you do, and express yourself through your business. And this is the first stage in stepping out into the world in a bigger way.

Without this foundation in place, you cannot step up and out. Or at least you can, but you’re much more likely to wobble and fall, or even to not be noticed. If you imagine the light of who you are has a dimmer switch, then in order to be fully seen (which means people recognizing what you have to offer, wanting it, and paying for it regularly and consistently), that switch needs to be turned right up. In order to be turned right up, the plug at the other end needs to be in, and switched on. In other words, you need to be fully plugged into your source of energy.

As you know, I was not fully plugged in until very recently. And this is how it showed up:

A few weeks ago, I noticed an advert for ‘The Best Of…’ a franchise opportunity. I was flirting with this idea because I was feeling so lost regarding RichThinkers. And this was after the success of that first talk I gave in February!

The more I looked at the advert, the more tempting it appeared to be – buy a franchise, get loads of support, sell the services and ‘Bob’s your uncle’. Or so I thought. I fantasized about how much easier it would be than RichThinkers; the franchisers were even guaranteeing a certain level of income, so how difficult could it be? I couldn’t imagine anyone saying no to me, ever. 😉

Fortunately I had some friends check this opportunity out, and although it might be right for some people, with their feedback to me, and talking to one or two franchisees, it became clear that this was definitely not the right way forward.

And yet I had been so excited! It would bring in more money! I would still be helping people! What could be wrong with that?

What was wrong was it was not in line with my purpose or passion. Therefore, I would not be meeting the kind of people who were my ideal clients. At the time I was dithering about who my ideal clients should be. I had gotten off track in the last year as I’d been focusing more on local businesses than on online business, as I had been doing before Philip began to get very ill.

I’d lost sight of where I was going, what my business was, and who I was as well. Not surprising maybe, given the circumstances, but no wonder I was feeling lost and lonely.

However, flirting with The Best Of…was a bit of a wake-up call. I went from tremendously excited about a new opportunity one minute to utterly depressed the next because I couldn’t see anything changing.

At that point, I had given four of the new Strategy Sessions that had been lined up, and I’d not offered my services to any of them. Why? A mixture of fear of rejection, believing them when they said they had no money, and a sneaking suspicion they weren’t my ideal client anyway. And yet I wanted to take on more clients, what a conundrum.

But as I began to investigate what was really going on underneath the surface in those sessions, for me, as well as for the potential clients, I realized I had to take a step back and re-connect with what is the essence of life for me, let alone my business. I had to plug myself in properly, which is what I’ve been doing.

But how does it express itself in your business, if you’re not fully plugged in, switched on and with the dimmer switch turned fully up?

Check if any of these are relevant to you:

1. You’ve got some clients, but there’s not really a steady flow of them
2. You’re making only just enough money, and fed up with that
3. You feel an aversion to ‘making things happen’ in the way you used to
4. You’ve got enough clients, but not really enough of those that really make your heart sing
5. You find yourself feeling bored, doing the same old thing
6. You have a sense that you’ve lost your mojo, your passion for what you do
7. You know deep down that you are being required to step up and out more
8. You cannot think what else to do to make your business work, because you’re surely doing everything right, but it just isn’t working in the way you know it can
9. You are attracting customers or clients, but they just aren’t buying enough
10. You feel constantly frustrated, knowing you are on the edge of success, but just not able to step into it fully
11. You wonder if you should just pack it all in and get a job
12. You wonder why on earth you ever started your business in the first place.

So how many did you tick? Even if it’s only one, this is a sign that your plug needs to be checked, re-plugged in, switched on and that dimmer switch turned up full!

In other words, align yourself with your purpose and allow that to shine out through what you do, to the people you most want to work with.
Which will be the subject of next week’s article!

5 thoughts on “How to Cope When You’ve Outgrown Your Business (Part 2)

  1. Money may not be the intention of my passion but it is a BIG need to even consider doing what I am passionate about as a living. So I continue to look for a job that will pay me for the years of experience I have using my training.

    • Debbie, hi. This makes me very curious as to what your passion is! And if there are elements of that that can be brought into whatever job you do get. It’s amazing how that can happen once the focus is on essence of what is being done, rather than the form.

  2. Years ago my teacher gave me an aim for my work – namely to reduce anxiety among computer users -. Part of me always wanted to be a healer, and this is a realistic expression of it in the business World. I worked in software development, and have held onto this aim for years and it has seen me through many ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’. I am now considering teaching silver surfers on a more freelance basis. Although I find the process of change absolutely terrifying with all the ups and downs that I never felt as an employed person, I can still hold onto the original plan and remember that this work is a healing art, though not as we usually know it.

    • This is beautiful Mr Fluffy. And emphasises what I said to Debbie too – it is the essence that needs to be acknowledged, and then the translation of that is put into whatever language your potential clients are likely to be using; in your case, many computer users have a lot of anxiety, and therefore it makes complete sense to address that in your healing, so they can recognise themselves and be happy to receive your services.

  3. I love the way you can tell us your troubles but without a hint of victim. I could really learn from that as seem to be able to stay positive when positive (obviously) but if I think of where I was or struggles have got through……… AnywayI could tick all the points except maybe 8 (as I know am not doing all that needs doing) so thank you will put out to the universe to get plugged in!

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