How to make lots of money fast?

You know, there are loads of sites out there promising to make you more money in a short period of time.  You know the thing – they have headlines like:

“How to Make £100,000 in the next 6 months”


“Transform your business into a 6-figure powerhouse with my new method”

I’ve investigated a lot of these sites; some I’ve signed up for, others not.  I have learnt a huge amount in the process, (one idea I got formed the basis of my study manual, How To Be A RichThinker: essential inner tools of success) and I don’t doubt that the people serving these sites are genuine.  And that there are probably some others out there (as in the testimonials) who have copied their method and done well too.

But that’s not my experience.  My experience is that for most people, including me,  it takes much longer than what is usually laid out in the tempting headlines.  Now there’s nothing wrong with that, except the headline means that you’ve set yourself a target (even unknowingly) which may, in your circumstances, not be practical.  Which means that’s it easy, really easy, to feel like you’re no good because you couldn’t do it.  Which then gets in the way of you moving forward at all, even a minimal amount.

So I don’t promise that kind of thing anywhere on my site, or in my publications. Instead, I tell the truth about what it’s more likely to be like for most people out there – intensive, focused work, over a period of time, could be many years, until your dream is realised.  And that’s assuming you’ve identified a dream that you truly believe is achievable, even if you don’t quite know how you’re going to make it come true!

The only other person I’ve heard speak like this is T. Harv Eker, author of ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’, whose course I attended  in 2008.

He made no bones about it – building up a business was going to take time, at least 2 years probably, of focused, determined effort.  And that’s on the outer level, never mind the inner level of the mindset!

Why does it take most people longer than some people say?  Because one of the commonest things that gets in the way of progress is your mind.  And that’s why Harv was able to talk as he did – because his business focuses on the impact the mind has.  Just like mine.

So if you find yourself feeling downhearted, because things aren’t going as fast as you’d like, then take heart:  perhaps, given your own personal situation, you had an unrealistic ideal in the first place; perhaps everything happening in the time it takes is just perfect in your life; perhaps it’s OK you haven’t brought in an extra £50,o00 overnight.  Perhaps, as in the words of Eileen Caddy of the Findhorn Foundation, and many others,  “All is well; very, very well”.


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