How Your Money Beliefs Limit Your Business Success

When you are in the business of spirituality, or have a spiritual business, or even simply aspire to conducting your business in an ethical, authentic manner, you are going to have to deal with money. Without money coming in and going out, you don’t have a business at all. So money is a hot topic when it comes to business – and it’s also a hot topic when it comes to spirituality! Can money and spiritual principles live side by side?

Over the many years I have been in various businesses, I have heard other self-employed people struggle with the concept of charging well for their services. It comes out in statements such as:

• I shouldn’t be concerned about money as I really love what I am doing
• I mustn’t charge for my services as what I offer is a gift I have been given
• I can’t charge too much because it’s not fair on those who can’t pay it
• I really don’t like the idea of people making a financial stretch to pay for my services
• My clients can’t afford higher fees

More often than not, people holding these beliefs will be struggling for enough income from their services. This is the ‘starving-artist-in-the-garret’ syndrome, and unless the beliefs change, the flow of income will be interfered with. And money does flow – a successful businessman once said to me ‘Money is meant to flow. It’s meant to come in and go out’; so if you are someone who is impeding the flow by your inner thoughts and attitudes, then you will of course be impeding the outflow too, and the whole cycle is constricted.

Try this experiment. Take several different containers – a mug, a cup, a tumbler, a large bowl. Pour some water in each. The water takes on the shape of the container.  It can’t help but do that. Your money is like that too – it takes on the shape of the container you give it, and if you give it a container that is small and constricted, then that’s the amount of money you will have. Your challenge is choosing which container you wish to hold your money in. Or not choosing a container at all. Before you read on, close your eyes right now and let your intuition tell you which container your money is held in right now.

Were you surprised? Was it in a container much larger than I have mentioned here? Or much smaller? Maybe it was a leaky bucket. Maybe you didn’t have a container at all, maybe you had a hosepipe, or a pipeline even. Maybe you just lived in an ocean of money. Pay attention to the image that came for you, and what it can tell you about your current financial state. But whatever your answer to this question was, just notice it. No judgment, just an interested curiosity. If you want to choose a bigger container, could you? Are you free to?

The thing is, if your beliefs are limited around money, then you are choosing a container which is smaller than it could be. So here’s a challenge – could you be someone who trusts that the water, or the money, will just be there when you turn the tap on?  Could you move from choosing a small container for your money, to a limitless supply, continually flowing in and out? Experiment with this and post your results on the blog!

6 thoughts on “How Your Money Beliefs Limit Your Business Success

  1. Dear Jane, thanks for the challenge! When I closed my eyes, I saw something like a cilinder with a narrower area in the middle… and with the basement open: what comes in, comes out… Very interesting for me. I point to my need to feel that that cilinder is wider, but also it showed to me that somehow there is trust on the fact that what I need will always come, and that that narrow area means some limitations I am placing of the type “I don´t deserve much”, “I cannot create much”…
    Thanks again.

    • Great Claire – when I first did this exercise some years ago, my container was really small too – but it can and does change!

  2. My container was a beautiful table jug and contained just enough water for the moment. It was an appropriate size, easy to handle, suitable for the table. Is it better to have a big vat of water, or a running stream of clear water I wonder? Do I trust in providence to fill that jug on a regular basis or do I store a little for a non-rainy day?

    • Now there’s a question! And the answer is going to be different for different people. Some will delight in storing money; others will completely trust that their containers will always be filled. The thing is – neither is better than the other. What’s important is you consciously ask yourself what you would like to do regarding your flow of money, and allow yourself to have that. So it could be you have a continous easy stream of clear water, plus a jug that scoops some out occasionally, to be poured into a different place. Whatever feels right for you – and bear in mind that this might change, as you change. Thanks Mr Fluffy for an engaging question!

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