Inside out interview tips

Someone emailed this week asking for help about putting themselves in the best frame of mind for an interview.  Here’s what I responded with (and watch out for the newsletter this week, as I’ll use these as the basis for an article probably). Although these tips are about a job interview, you can apply them to anything where you’re having a conversation with someone and you want something out of it.

1. First decide to take the general attitude that the perfect job for you is out there; it’s just a matter of finding it.  This means that any of the jobs you haven’t yet got haven’t been the perfect one, and it’s simply a matter of continuing until you find it, or it finds you.

2. As best you can, imagine yourself having this job and how that makes you feel.  I know we all want and need jobs for money, but we also need and want them for the feelings we think they will give us.  So take some time to explore what kind of feelings you think you will have when you are working at a job you love (doesn’t have to be this one).

3. Spend some time now regularly in this feeling place, as if the thing you want had already happened.  For example, say you identify that you feel confident, smiling, expansive when you are doing work you love.  Actively take steps in your mind’s eye to be in a place where you are already feeling those feelings, regardless of what you are doing.  Or put yourself in the position of being in this job, doing it well, receiving praise and feeling how that feels.

4. Use an affirmation such as ‘ the perfect job comes easily to me now’, and refuse to take no for an answer!  This means that if it so happens that a job you apply for you don’t get, that it wasn’t the perfect job and that, as Louise Hay says, there must be ‘something better waiting in the wings’.  I  use this statement a lot if something doesn’t happen as I think it should!

5. Walk into the interview with the humble, but true, attitude that you are brilliant at who you are and what you do.  Affirm that if this is the best job for you, the interviewers will see it and want to employ you.  And if they don’t see it, that is their problem, and someone else will be the lucky ones that benefit from you and your energy.

6. Use your own inner guidance or Higher Self to help you see the truth about yourself – that you are supported and held by the Universe; that it is your Higher Self (or any other word you use)  that you can allow to shine through in the interview, and that your job is really to just breathe, reflect on the questions, and allow your HS to answer for you.

7.  Finally – put a precious stone that you have already infused with love, peace, confidence (any feeling you want) and have it in your pocket, or round your neck, to help remind you of your qualities.  Probably not a great idea to put your hand in your pocket when being interviewed, but maybe if it is a ring or a bracelet, you could just touch that now and again to help root you in your inherent beauty and capability.

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