Inspiration from Seth Godin, marketing whizz

Being inspired by marketing expert Seth Godin,  here’s a few thoughts about making choices. In these days of the information age, we are inundated by choice, sometimes overwhelmingly so.  How do you choose between which blog to follow, which spiritual teacher, which marketing maven?

Of course, it’s largely down to intuition in the end (so long as you know and trust your intuition) but here’s another way of thinking about choice:  what you expose yourself to in the form of the choice you make, you will find dictates what happens in your life.  So:

Expose yourself to spiritual teachings, and you’ll become a spiritual guide

Expose yourself to how to make money fast, and you’ll want to do it too

Expose yourself to worry and you’ll likely end up in the downward spiral of fear and anxiety

Expose yourself to reading and learning, and you’ll become much more knowledgeable

Expose yourself to lots of chocolate and you’ll definitely start having hunger pangs for chocolate!

Expose yourself to poor thinking and you’ll become more of a poor thinker yourself

Expose yourself to too much criticism and you’ll be tempted to believe it

Expose yourself to positive feedback and you’ll come to believe that too

Expose yourself to inspiration to live your dream, and you’ll begin to create your dream happening

So choose what you want to expose yourself to.  Thanks, Seth!

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