Is there life after Christmas?

At this time of year, this is a question I often ask myself as I see so many 
people focusing on the ‘ big day’ and the associated holidays. And even if 
you have your own business, and know that life doesn’t stop just because 
Christmas is coming, it’s easy to get sucked into the idea that your internal
 diary stops at Christmas and New Year and doesn’t start up again until 
after it’ s all over. If you find yourself arriving in January thinking ‘ whew, 
that’s it for another year, now what?’ then take heart.

You can avoid that question by mulling over now what you want to be 
focusing on for 2014. It may seem a bit too soon, but if you want your 
business to continue smoothly after New Years Eve, instead of having to 
rev up again, then setting things up now is a great way to do this.

Think about what your clients might want immediately after Christmas
 and the New Year. What would really support them? How might they be
 feeling? If you don’ t know, ask them. How can you deliver something 
that makes them feel good, achieves the results they want, and helps you 

And watch out for your thoughts. In the psychotherapeutic field in which 
I used to work there was a belief that January was a good time for new
 clients, as people realised after having had horrendous Christmases that 
they needed help. But just the other day I read of someone in this field
 stating exactly the opposite. Which just goes to show your thoughts about
 business in January are just thoughts, and can be changed!

Look out for the mind police that say ‘ nobody has any money left after 
Christmas’ , ‘ January’s a terrible time for new clients’ , or ‘ People only
 want to go to the gym, not do anything else for themselves’ , or any other 
thought along these lines. They really are just thoughts, ones that are 
residing in your head, and you are the only one that can ask them to leave.

How do you know what each individual person has in their bank account,
 or savings account for that matter? How do you know that January is
 not the best month for that person in terms of their own income? How
 do you know the decisions that someone has made for their New Year 
resolutions? You don’t.

When you notice that you seem to have moved into the minds of your
 clients and decided what they are thinking without asking them, then pull
 back, move out, and focus on what you want to create instead, in such
 a tempting way that your clients will say, oh, wonderful what a good 
idea, thanks so much! Affirm that your January is a wonderful month for
 creating income and then set out to help that happen in practical ways.

2 thoughts on “Is there life after Christmas?

  1. Dear Jane 🙂
    have just sat down & read this email after a bit of an emotional meltdown to do with my business/self belief ect. I know it was dated well before xmas but i wanted to let you know it has really helped me to wipe away the tears & focus on the positive so thank you for helping me smile again.
    Please keep doing what you’re doing as it’s making a big difference even when you can’t always see it XXXX

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