About Jane

Here’s a few highlights from my life so far: (if you want to see the official bio, scroll down; to read the ins and outs of how I coped with my husbands death click here)

– had a hugely powerful spiritual awakening aged 16

– joined what turned out to be a cult (fantastic decision to join, and a fantastic decision to leave too!)

– made redundant – set me free when I didn’t realise I was trapped


Atsitsa Bay, Skyros

 – lived and worked on a Greek island in a holistic health company for 3 years

– met and married my love, Philip Rogers

– became self-employed as a Louise L Hay You Can Heal Your Life study group teacher. you-can-heal-your-life-by-louise-l37971Travelled throughout UK and Europe teaching these groups for 8 years

– started another small business, selling an annual alternative directory locally, Green Pages

– trained as a counsellor and set up a successful private practice, Living Well

My books

Some of our Living Well products

– wrote and published the best-selling Choose Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, and 60Ways to Lose/Keep Your Lover (with my husband Philip Rogers)

– bought into and ran a huge complementary health clinic (50 practitioners on the books, 10 rooms)


Toroa, Bayswater Marina, Auckland

– sold it all and went to New Zealand to live on a heavenly yacht for a year

– settled in Ireland, buying and selling land for eco-houses

– lost everything in the credit crunch, ended up owing bank hundreds of thousands

(Gosh, reading this makes me want to stop and take a breath! So I invite you to do the same…)

– moved to join the Findhorn Foundation Community in Scotland


FIndhorn Foundation Community Centre

– bank debt resolved by a miracle, yippee!

My  love in Lochview

My sweet love

– 2011 Philip died.  Such a dear man, whose death allowed him to truly know that ‘love really is the answer’.

– Grief dictates my life for 2 years, as I learn to listen much more to my own wild wisdom

– self-realisation, liberation, self-inquiry become the pointers in life

– letting go of the name RichThinkers

– birth of Wild Wisdom and janeduncanrogers.com, along with releasing my natural creativity in the form of the doodles you see throughout this site, something I’ve been doing since a kid (though then they were only ever horses and people’s heads!)

Official bio:

Jane Duncan Rogers, author of forthcoming book Gifted By Grief: A True Story of Cancer, Loss and Rebirth, believes passionately that society needs to be more open about grief, death and dying. She says, “To be sticking our heads in the sand and finding these topics difficult to mention is complete madness, given we are all going to be affected by them sooner or later. It’s my intention to open up conversations about these topics and bring them out of the closet.”

Having worked for over twenty five years in the personal growth industry as a counselor, psychotherapist and group leader, and owned Oxfordshire’s largest complementary health clinic, author, coach and speaker Jane has helped hundreds of clients around the world to transform their lives and business. Since her husband’s death in 2011 she also brings her unique insight to those affected by loss of any kind.

Jane is known for her honest and refreshing look at life, which combined with her wild wisdom and natural compassion and understanding, makes it easy for her clients to open up and feel deeply heard. This allows the movement forward that is being sought, and the context for miracles to happen.

 Jane originally trained personally in 1990 with Louise L Hay, founder of Hay House publishers and author of the famous book, You Can Heal Your Life ®. An award winning coach, she has worked all over the world with individuals and small organisations to help them adopt a very different way of living and working.

She published Choose Your Thoughts, Change Your Life in 1997, and co-authored with her husband, Philip Rogers, 60 Ways to Lose/Keep your Lover (2001). She has been writing a blog since 2009.

Jane is associated with the world-renowned Findhorn Foundation; spiritual community, eco-village and learning centre in the Highlands of Scotland. She sings and performs in a well-known womens acappella group and is often to be found on early morning walks in the woods, before her regular meditation practice in one of the sanctuaries belonging to the Foundation.