Law of Attraction: simple but not necessarily easy

Here’s how the Law of Attraction works in daily life.  I start with the story…

I wanted to turn our little piece of concrete yard outside our house into a beautiful sitting area, and with lots of pots. I knew the kind I wanted, half barrels from the whiskey distilleries near here.  So off I go to the local Wastebusters to see what they have, and sure enough, they are making exactly what I want, but at £30.  I wanted 3 barrels and I didn’t want to pay that much.

But as I was there, I bumped into a friend who said she was going somewhere else to get them cheaper; I asked her to get me some. A few days later, I’ve picked up 3 enormous half whiskey barrels, at just £10 each.  Next challenge is the soil and how to get it there.

Surprise, surprise,  the next day I have a conversation with another friend who tells me where I can get free topsoil – and she gives me some sacks to get it in!

Finally, will be the plants – I’ve already got some of those to plant out; another friend has given me some nasturtiums, and there’s a plant sale tomorrow by the local women’s institute.  Perfect timing!

So I could just say that this is all coincidence, or how things happen in the world. But my take on it is a bit different. Law of Attraction says to ask, believe, receive.  Easier said than done in many instances!  But this story is a perfect example of it.  I wasn’t attached to whether I got any of these items – I just wanted them and almost without realising it, was imagining my yard with lots of pots and plants in it.  So not only had I asked, but I was believing, and seeing!  And then I was willing to receive as these items all came my way.  I didn’t say ‘Oh no, no, I can’t take your plants’.  I just said ‘thank you very much!’

So the principles are simple.  However, most of us get in our own way because what we want is imbibed with conflicting emotions, all of which just serve to give a mixed message to the Universe.  Hence we get mixed results.

This is all a learning curve, and as with anything that humans learn, the more you put the principles into practice, the easier it becomes.  It’s time to stop knowing it all intellectually and start to take action at an inner level to make the changes in attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, feelings so real that that actual physical changes follow.

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