Make God laugh – tell him your plans

Well I had planned to write at least 6 articles on the long train journey from Inverness to Glasgow last week. 3 hours of focused work.  The two paragraphs below are what I actually wrote:

‘Well here I am apparently writing these articles – but I forgot how lovely the scenery is up here, and how much I enjoy just looking out of the window. And I forgot that to do any amount of typing, I have to be sitting at the proper angle to my laptop (impossible in this particular train). And I forgot that there would be other people in the train.

An awful lot of forgetfulness!  The result is less than 6 articles done – in fact 2 started only. But the point of this is how important it is to be able to adjust when circumstances are not quite what you thought they would be.’

And I never got any further!  But now I’m catching up again and considering the point of plans.  Plans are good in that they give you an idea of how you are going to get to where you want to go to.  But getting attached to plans is not such a good idea.  I know many people often adjust where they are going to when the plans are altered by circumstances, but in fact it’s not where you’re going to that needs adjusting at that point, it’s the plans!

For example, on this journey I was coming from a place of mild panic about the amount of work to be done by a certain date.  I thought that I needed to get these articles written for my new website to be launched the following week.  As I couldn’t do it in the train, I didn’t know what on earth was going to happen, and in that moment I let go of it all. In the 12 Step Fellowship, they call this moment ‘Letting Go and Letting God’.

What happened next was that when I got to my destination, I received an email from the man who is constructing the website for me saying that for various reasons he was going to be taking at least another week to get it completed.   So I didn’t need to get those articles done after all!

Moral:  by all means have plans, and don’t worry when things don’t go according to plan. Maybe, just maybe, it is all working perfectly, particularly the timing.  Trust is required here, but I can guarantee you that if you’re willing and able to trust, you will enjoy yourself a lot more when your plans have gone haywire and God’s having a laugh!

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