‘Money Comes From Wherever It Is’: Silly – But Is It Really?

On the surface this quote from Ramana Maharshi, the famous India sage, appears to be trite, but let’s look a little deeper.

Can you open your mind to the idea that money can come to you from anywhere?  The obvious answer to this is a resounding yes, but in fact, that’s not necessarily the case, and here’s a point to illustrate it.

A client was fretting that she’d not taken the actions necessary to set up enough opportunities and that her income was going to be down that month as a consequence.  I asked her: ‘What about money coming in from unexpected places?’

She then began her next sentence with that all too common phrase, ‘Yes, but…’ and I knew I was going to be hearing a deflecting of this idea, regardless of the way she put it. Her particular ‘Yes, but…’ was:

‘I need to focus on my business income because it’s not sustainable otherwise. Yes, money might come in unexpectedly from another source, but I can’t rely on that. So it doesn’t count’.

Do you hear that? ‘It doesn’t count’.  Really?  If you want to be friends with money, to have more coming in, does it really matter where it comes from?

This is one of the principles behind my own work that I’ve had to work with quite a lot.  And yes, you’ve guessed it, that client above was me, and not so long ago, either!  And sometimes that pattern of thinking still raises it’s head. 🙁

The challenge here is to do with an attachment to the idea that money ‘should’ come from a particular source, it being especially beneficial if it comes from your own work :), meaning that this is in fact an issue of self-worth, not of money.   More on that in another article.

Another principle that is fundamental to Wild Wisdom thinking is that you are a spiritual being first, a human ‘doing’ second.  Again, this is something you’re probably familiar with, even subscribe to as a truth. But once again, in practice how does that idea show up in your life?  Here’s some questions for you to ponder:

  • If you find yourself holding a grudge, who’s doing the holding?
  • When you criticize yourself or someone else, who’s doing the criticizing?
  • If you procrastinate and put off what you know is calling you, what’s interfering here?
  • When you’re feeling anxious, what part of you is doing that?
  • If you’re worrying about growing your business, who is doing the worrying?

These are all behavioural states that everyone experiences from time to time, and the clue is in the words ‘behavioural’. When you’re behaving like this, the focus on who you really are (a spiritual being) has been lost.


I’ve put this in capitals because it is so very important!

Here it is again: there’s  no point in continuing on with your ‘doing’ actions until you have reconnected to that ‘being’ place – and can then restart the ‘doingness’ from that place.

Honestly, believe me!  I’m an expert in this!  I’d planned to do loads of work this weekend (I’d had  time off in the week, that’s why, and am about to go on holiday too – you can hear my Scottish Puritan upbringing still coming out, even when talking about this issue – goodness, you’ve just got to laugh!)

But I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do this work. I was being asked to ‘do’ something quite different, which essentially was nothing to do with the business.  That was what my Wild Wisdom was saying.   So of course I did it.

It takes guts to follow this, because it goes against what everyone says about pushing on and getting things done. It’s true there is a fine line between listening to your own wild wisdom if it is saying the opposite to what you think you ought to do, and getting things done. But over time I’ve learnt to trust this more and more.

The third principle behind this area of my work is the idea that money is not real.

‘That’s just ridiculous!’ you might be thinking.

But again, let’s go a bit deeper.  Of course it’s true that if there’s not enough to pay for food/water, clothes and shelter then the body will suffer. I’m not arguing that point.

However, beyond that is the ‘stuff’ of life that all humans think is important, and to whatever extent of course it is important.  But that’s the thing – to whatever extent.

For one person, that will be having enough to pay the bills and go out very occasionally. For another, it will be being able to have a holiday regularly, while for yet another to not have enough to keep up their 2 homes, 2 cars and education for their kids, would feel like disaster.

But if you can begin to entertain the idea that it’s not real, then it begins to have a lighter energy around all these things, regardless of what you think is enough for you.  And as you probably know, lighter energy allows more flow, movement, and openness.  Meaning money can come more easily to you.

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