Movers and Shakers Day One

Just come back from the introductory evening of this conference – it looks like it’s going to be a very interesting weekend!

Over the next two days we are going to be taught what kind of a platform you have to have to build your business as a mover and shaker in the holistic world.  These days publishers are not just interested in your book proposal or manuscript – they want to see a whole lot more.  I’ll blog about my experience, and no doubt a lot of what I learn will get put into my newsletter too.

Louise Hay herself was sitting there in the front row, going to be 84 in a few days time and still going very strong and looking great. I was inspired to hear from Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House, that she was 60 when she began her publishing company!  So if anyone out there is thinking ‘I’m too old to do this”, take a leaf out of her book, be inspired by her and change your thoughts round to the opposite!

Cheryl Richardson is a great speaker. Very natural, very passionate in a connected way; and what a relief it was to hear American voices that were not all rah-rah, loud music and hyping up your emotions.  I know this is considered to be a good idea to get people all happy and enthusiastic, and I’ve been to several NLP-style seminars where this is done, but this evening was just plain old classical music as we entered and left, and Cheryl’s practical, down-to-earth coaching.  So roll on tomorrow!

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