Gifted By Grief – my new book

Gifted by GriefAt the bottom of my emails under my name it now says ‘Author of the forthcoming book, ‘Gifted By Grief” A True Story of Cancer, Loss and Rebirth’.  (Find out more here)

A few people have asked me about this lately – it will be published next summer probably, and today I wanted to share with you about this project, and why I’m working on it.

After my husband died, nearly 3 years ago now, I went through a major transformation, one of the results being Wild Wisdom Coaching itself, and now the book.  But I’m also on a mission to raise awareness about death, dying and grief. I joined the organization Dignity in Dying because I believe in having the right to choose the time of your death, if you are suffering from an incurable illness.

Why do I believe this?

Because if my husband had not been so afraid of dying, he could have chosen an ending of much less suffering than he had to go through.

Watching someone you love go through pain that can’t be controlled was really horrible. (Yes, he was on morphine but the side effects of that were extremely debilitating). He’d got to this stage because he was so afraid of dying, even right up towards the end. But I kind of wanted him to die so he could be free of it, no matter how I would feel afterwards.

I’ve been inspired again by this because of a video in a newsletter sent out recently by Dignity in Dying and today I’m sharing that with you because of the message from a very courageous young woman.  View it here

How does this apply to you and your business?  Listen to what she says at 6.05 and apply it.  (But I recommend watching the whole video, it’s just 6.5 minutes and is very inspiring).

And if you want to hear more about my book project as it goes along, and be one of the first to hear about it when it’s published, sign up here for that.


6 thoughts on “Gifted By Grief – my new book

  1. Hi Jane

    My feelings are that there is no given right or wrong about this and I do believe the option of assisted suicide should be available for those inclined to go this way.

    Ultimately of course, it is simply a choice as to what we choose to do with our lives. And who is to say that one person’s choice is better than another’s?

    However, a few questions come to mind:

    1) What if Anita Moorjani had decided to go this route? The world would have been deprived of her beautiful presence and inspiring teachings.

    2) What if Eben Alexander had taken those pills? A neurosurgeon of his stature is turning the thinking of his colleagues inside out with his miraculous healing and near death experience.

    3) What if my beloved Jenny had taken the pills at an early stage when the pain of cancer began to bite? We would not have dived into the deepest intimacy together and I would not have discovered ways to take her into 100% freedom from pain. Through that experience I intend one day to offer this drug-free pain relief to others, which will be part of Jenny’s legacy.

    Given the angelic blessing she bestowed upon me after her death and the permanent impact this has had on me, on the way I view this world, the way I view death, and the way I view relationships I find it hard to believe that her ending he life prematurely would have served anyone.

    And she has implanted a gift of healing love in me that others have already benefited from to relieve physical and emotional pain – even when they are geographically distant from me – and I feel this power has only just begun to grow.

    I believe we make a mistake to think that life should be free from pain and that the experience of pain is somehow wrong. It is often the case in my experience that we can grow through transcending pain. One of my greatest spiritual teachers, Arunachala Ramana had cancer and yet continued to offer satsang while his body was in great pain. He was the happiest man with the biggest heart I have ever met.

    There are many other illustrations of how apparently tragic circumstances can be turned around through conscious relationship and conscious actions into inspiration for the rest of us.

    In all three examples I give above there was no medical hope remaining and the illnesses were of the most severe and painful imaginable. Two of those people regained their physical lives. One did not. All are happy.



    • Very beautiful Leo. On the one hand I agree totally with you – and on the other I feel it needs to be a choice that is freely taken, and at the moment it is not a choice.

  2. Jane, I’m so glad you are writing this book. It is a stirring subject, and you have the experience and heart to write about it. My mother had a prolonged dying because of her fear; my father who had no fear went swiftly and easily. I look forward to hearing more and meanwhile wish you well.

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