Imagine opening your doors wide to money

and it flowing in!

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Nice eh?  But….

  • Could you be repelling money without even realizing it?
  • Does there never seem to be quite enough, or only just enough?

Well, I’m inviting you to open your heart, mind and your bank account to receiving more. You probably think you’re wide open already but if your financial situation is less than ideal then something must be getting in the way.

Just imagine if your heart, your mind, your arms and your bank accounts had wide open doors to welcome money in. Picture that in your mind’s eye.  Nice, isn’t it?

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SAM_0713 You could take a proper holiday…or  treat yourself to a long weekend  away…or buy that lovely organic  cotton outfit which was so expensive  in that shop the other day!

Or you could treat the kids, buy a gift  for your partner, or just donate to  your favourite charity.

With The Radical Income Welcome Toolkit you can begin to open those doors and welcome much more in.

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It’s ideal for spiritual business owners, self-employed creatives, and heart-filled gorgeous souls who are finally fed up with making only just enough from what they love doing.

Is that you?

The Toolkit begins with an introduction to the 3 Radical Income Welcome Principles, which invite you to think about money in a completely different way. All the other exercises are completed within this context.

When you conduct yourself financially within the context of these principles  then you are actively opening your arms wide to money, and encouraging it to flow in, hurray!open arms heart


Some of the ideas are very practical. Others are definitely a bit more unusual. But it’s that very mixture which is so potent.

Every time I apply these principles, my income has increased. Sometimes by a small amount, and often by unexpected, larger, lump sums, but overall since I’ve been using them my income has increased by over 25%.  What’s more, there’s been a lot of fun involved.

By the end of applying the tools in the Toolkit for a consistent period of time, you will have: 

  • Developed your ability to remain peaceful and calm, regardless of what happens to you financially
  • A way of monitoring your income that sets your heart alight
  • Reprogrammed your brain about your ability to increase your income
  • The tools to be able to plan your spending better
  • Discovered what your current Money Comfort Level is, and know how to increase it

 Why am I able to say all this?

Back in 2007, I had over £250,000 sitting in the bank. Having set up and run 5 different small businesses, I thought I knew a bit about it all. Ha!  By 2011 I had lost it all (thank you, credit crunch!) and incurred a debt of £320K.  However, during this time, I became a Prosperity Guide with Elyse Hope Killoran, studied with Kendall Summerhawk, Christina Morassi and Bill Baren, amongst others, and found my own way around having had a lot and then losing it.  I’ve had to learn the hard way about moving from being afraid of money to being friends with money.

Now, I have enough; yes, I still have some debt.  But it doesn’t worry me in the way it used to – IMG_0319I no longer wake in the wee hours in a cold sweat about what might happen.  I love what I do, plenty comes in for day to day living, but the best thing of all is that underlying it all, all the time, is a sense of peace. Regardless of circumstances, financial or otherwise. That really is priceless in my book.

I have personally used and tested all the tools in this Kit, which is why I feel confident that it will help you too.

Here’s what some people have said about it, even before they started using it consciously!

This is amazing information and the way you share it is wonderful. Just thinking of the thoughts of constriction as well as viewing abundance or the lack thereof, I feel so different with my thinking. I can’t explain it entirely but I am feeling a huge shift.   DH, America


Wonderful so far. It’s really resonating with me & has mirrored my own thoughts and feelings in places.  SP, England

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What do you get in the Toolkit?

income welcome charts

The Radical Income Welcome Toolkit contains the following:

  • The 3 Principles of Radical Income Welcome Thinking  (PDF/MP3) Value $95
  • Determining  Your Money Comfort Level (PDF) Value $47
  • Setting Up Your Income Welcome Charts (Excel charts) Value $47
  • How Your Money Comfort Level and your Income Welcome Charts go hand in hand (Video) Value $47
  • The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made When Wanting to Increase Your Income (PDF and MP3) Value $47
  • Basking in Your Place of Peace (MP3)  Value $29
  • Plus I’ve just begun a great Facebook group where you can share and ask questions to your heart’s delight; and which I visit regularly to comment too

When you sign up for the Toolkit, you get taken to a dedicated website where you’ll be asked to log in. Here you’ll have your own page where each section of the Kit is identified, with questions to support your learning and a place to answer them, before you move onto the next tool.

You’ll get a series of supportive emails from me to help you apply the tools, plus you have the forum to share in. Everything in the Toolkit is  in the form of downloadable MP3’s, PDF’s or videos,  with questions to be answered to ensure you have fully understood and gain the most from the tool.  They all come in different modules, with full instructions for each module.

You can complete the whole toolkit in 2-3 hours of focused time, or you can spread it out; however, each module builds on the other and you get access to the next one only after you’ve completed the previous one.  This means there is no chance of feeling overwhelmed, hurray!

Total Value is $312, actual price is just $97

and right now, a special offer means it’s only $47!!  

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The Radical Income Welcome 30 Day Programme

Here you get access to lots more tools,  all of which help you go deeper to release the things that are getting in the way of money flowing easily to you.  If you just know that you’re the kind of person who needs a helping hand, or more support in general, then signing up for this full programme will be the one for you.


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