Receive your own guidance right now

Up here near the Findhorn Foundation, we have a weekly community newsletter, the Rainbow Bridge. It’s generally full of interesting information about what’s going on that week.  It is started on the inside page with quotes from Eileen Caddy, and Dorothy MacLean, co-founders of the Findhorn Foundation, along with Peter Caddy.

This week, I read the quote and thought how appropriate it was for me, so I wanted to share it with you too. Here it is:

Why not start right now receiving your spiritual guidance at first hand and not through anyone else? Do you not realise that you have within you all wisdom, all knowledge, all understanding? You do not have to seek it without, but it does mean that you have to take time to be still and to go deep within to find it. This is where many souls are too lazy or feel that there is so much to be done that they have no time to be still and go into the silence. They prefer to live on someone else’s wisdom and knowledge instead of receiving it direct from the source themselves. Put first things first!”

Eileen Caddy, Findhorn Foundation

One thought on “Receive your own guidance right now

  1. I found that writing a poem would often reveal what was really going on for me, even if it was hidden in an image. If I then read the poem out loud I might hear what my sub conscious had been trying to tell me all along. I find being quiet is really good if I can stop thinking of mundane things, but usually I come out of a silent meditation and remember to put the washing machine on.

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