RichThinking: Is it the Law of Attraction?

The term Law of Attraction, or LOA, is a bit like the word God. One person may mean one thing when they use it, and another may mean something quite different. So what does it mean in a RichThinkers context?

Actually, I’m not keen on using that term simply for that reason above. But as it is used a lot, it also attracts people who think they know what is meant by it (or puts them off for the same reason!)

So it’s important that you know how it’s used on my website and in my work. My current understanding of this concept is based on the sayings ‘you reap what you sow’, ‘you are what you think’, ‘like attracts like’, and ‘what you think about, you bring about’.

But it’s much too easy to ascribe this to circumstances at a very crude level. Which is when you get people indignantly saying things like ‘How can you possibly say I attracted that car crash?’ or ‘I most certainly did not attract these awful business partners’ or ‘I feel really guilty because I attracted this illness’.

This is not useful to think like this, and unfortunately this is the level at which this idea can often be used. At best it is erroneous thinking, at worst it is cruel and insensitive.

How I work with this concept currently (and I’m always learning!) is that what is important is how I respond to the circumstances. How do I set my sails, given the way the wind is blowing, rather than sitting and wondering why I have found myself in a situation where the wind is blowing in the opposite way to which I wanted.

So when a recent colleague found herself with a challenging client, instead of berating herself for having ‘attracted’ this situation, she looked instead for where she could learn something about herself in it. The client was not happy about the service being provided.

My colleague, determined to turn this apparent negative situation into a positive, told the client how grateful she was about this feedback, and spent time focusing on the result she DID want to create for her client.

She didn’t let herself fall into feeling bad, blaming the client, or worrying about what she had ‘attracted’. She simply brought her energies to focus on what she did want instead of what she didn’t want, and in that, found a new inspiration to bring to the situation, which the client loved. Result – everyone got what they wanted.

So, within the situation you’re in, you can focus on all the negative feelings you have about it, or you can see if you can find something good in it. Consequently, your experience of the form can be quite different from what the form appears to look like.

When you say you want something, like more money, what works is instead of focusing on the money itself, ask yourself ‘Who would I be if I had more money? How would I experience myself? What would I feel like?’

Then you begin to get to the essence of what that money really means to you. And if you discover that having the money means you would feel more confident, freer, and more independent – well, you can find ways to create those feelings immediately in yourself, whether or not you have more money.

Then, out of that space, you will find having more money loses it’s importance. And out of that space, it often happens that more turns up with ease and grace; and even if it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter so much, because you are already having the experience you said you wanted.

For instance, a recent client of mine wanted to make a trip abroad to New Zealand. She was quite passionate about going, for various family reasons, and although she had no spare money, and little income, she was quite clear in her vision.

She practiced many of the tools you can find on this site, including projecting herself forward in time, and being in the good feeling space she anticipated being in while visiting her family. Despite lots of obstacles, with the regular and consistent application of these tools over a period of 6 months, she found the money by various means (not the least finding an unusually cheap flight only available on the one day she happened to be googling flights!) I’ve just come off the phone from hearing about her time there.

So law of attraction, depending on how you view it, just like many other things, can be a very powerful tool in your life, let alone your business. It all depends on how you think and feel about it!

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