Spirit in Business Strategy Sessions

Just imagine…

  • having a steady flow of the most perfect clients, and the most perfect number of themwait here
  • making more money, but doing less
  • being free of the money ‘stuff’ that you just know is holding you back
  • no longer selling yourself short, but stepping out in all your brilliance and shining brightly!
  • running your business in a way that is completely different from usual

Well, it is possible, hurray!

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Complimentary 45 minute Spirit in Business Strategy Session

to find out how to have your dream business come true (hint: it happens when you fully embrace spirit in your business…) By Skype, phone or face-to-face).
Here’s what some people have said about sessions with me:

DSC048703.JPG-150x150Since I’ve been working with Jane, I feel for the first time in my 16 years as a practitioner, that I have a clear sense of where I’m going. I have been more proactive: my accounts are up-to-date; I started a campaign to attract more clients and I now pay myself a salary. I would particularly recommend Jane to colleagues who would like to develop their practice in a manner which is in harmony and alignment with who they are. Pascale Atkinson www.positivity.org.uk


Kate FJane helped me identify what makes my service valuable and this has given me a renewed confidence and sense of passion. Because I am now working with total integrity, clients come by personal recommendation and I’m booked up at least six weeks ahead! Jane’s positive support and depth of experience have been essential to me in achieving this level of commitment to my self and my business. Kate Friendship, www.katefriendship.co.uk


imagesI’ve gone from trying to make ends meet from my business to paying myself £600 and then 3 months later £1,300 and I am planning another increase. I think this has the Rich Thinkers factor! If you want to find peace, happiness and financial success the answer is work with Jane! Julie Anne Hart www.julieannehart.com

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Spirit in Business Strategy Sessions

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