Step by Step Rich Thoughts

An affirmation, or Rich Thought,  is a statement of something as if it were true, regardless of whether it’s truth is experienced in actuality or not.  Some people are a bit put off by affirmations when they try them and they don’t work.  I’ve found that that’s usually because they’re trying to cover up an open wound with an elastoplast, when what it really needs is a good cleaning out and a proper bandage.  This is why many people who do affirmations think they don’t work. So how can you use them to make sure they do work?

Firstly, identify whether you’re dealing with a ‘graze’ or a deeper wound. By this I mean, whether you’re trying to shift the energy around a deep-seated issue from the past, or something smaller from more recently.  Having said this I always advocate a jolly good clean out, because you never know what might be lurking in there causing trouble!

So what are Step by Step Rich Thoughts?  Well, imagine a staircase. It’s pretty difficult to start at the bottom of the stairs and get to the top in one leap. It’s much easier if you take it step by step and experience the learning each step gives you, because you can then integrate that learning and move on.  Of course it’s not impossible to make a huge leap up, but quite often you have to retrace your steps back down in order to learn the lesson that a step or two down brings you.  So working with your Rich Thoughts step by step is a way I have formulated to make this whole process a lot easier.  There are 6 stages, which I’ll outline here, with a suggested Rich Thought that fits in with that stage.Fill in the dots with your own negative statement or belief – here I’m changing the belief “I’m not very successful”.  Move on to the next stage only when you can say the Rich Thought of the current stage with complete ease and no emotional charge around it. With each statement, not only does your thinking change, but also the energy associated with it.

1. RELEASING: I am willing to release the need to believe…(your old belief, eg that I’m not very successful). Releasing is essential. Often people find that they can answer yes to this statement very quickly.

2. BELIEVING: I am willing to believe…(that I am really successful)

It would be nice to believe…

I would like to believe…

Again here you are just talking about being willing, nothing else; or daydreaming about how nice it would be if…

3. HAVING FAITH: I have faith that I can be…(really successful)  I’m open to having faith that…

Faith is about placing this statement in a spiritual context, and once you have this context you can then move on to the next step. It’s also about being willing to move forward even if you don’t feel certain about what might come next.  It links very much with the next step:

4. TRUSTING:  I now trust that I can be…(really successful)

Trusting that I can be a …(really successful person), I now do things that are in line with that

Trusting, following on from faith, is very similar to the step before but because you have chosen to bring in the spiritual context, you have that holding you while you trust. It is a subtle but important difference.  This is letting go at a deeper level.

5. ALLOWING: I allow myself to be a ….(really successful person).   (I’m willing to allow myself …)

Give yourself permission  – here you are inviting in the Universe to support you. This step is crucial, and is about opening the door to not only allow, but welcome in, the truth of the Rich Thought.

6. ACCEPTING: I am now a very successful person
This is the powerful truth you are now able to express, with no emotional attachment to it, it simply is.  Using the word ‘now’ is important as it emphasises the truth in the moment. It is possible that in another moment, this Rich Thought might not be true for you.

For each of these stages you might want to use the following method of recording your responses.

Recording Responses

This is one of the most powerful and successful ways I know of using Rich Thoughts.

Take a piece of paper, divide it into 2 lengthways, head up the left hand column with the title ‘Rich Thought’ and the right hand column with ‘Response’.  Now take the Rich Thought you want to work with, say ‘I am a very successful person’, and write that in the left hand column. Now notice your response to that statement (perhaps say it out loud to yourself) and write that down in the right hand column. Repeat this for at least ten times, noticing what happens with your response each time. If you work with these, writing them down say 10 times in the morning and again in the evening, you’ll see your responses beginning to change – I can guarantee that.  It works because you are bringing your objections out into the open, and once they have the light shining on them in this way, the power they have over you lessens.

Remember when you start that you’re not supposed to believe the Rich Thought – if you did believe it, you wouldn’t need to be doing affirmations!  At this stage, you’re simply being curious, no judgment,  about what your responses are.  It’s quite possible that you’ll uncover other beliefs or attitudes on this subject matter that you then choose to work with further.  Alternatively, you will find that your responses come more and more in line with the Rich Thought itself, until you are at stage six, and feeling good!

©  Jane Duncan Rogers July 2009

2 thoughts on “Step by Step Rich Thoughts

  1. Dear Jane,
    Thank you for writing this valuable article. I have just started to work as a life coach. My business opened officially on 5 February 2010.
    I am full of enthusiasm but I have had not call or email yet. I have plenty of marketing ideas but it will take time to fulfill them.

    Thanks to your article I realized that I can’t run up the stairs in one day and leap to success.
    Best wishes,
    Monika Kloeckner

  2. Fantastic Monika.

    It is so good to understand that each step is valuable in itself, and thank you for reminding me of what I have already written, as it applies (of course) to me too! Very exciting to have your new business happening, I wish you much success, and hope you find the site useful in other ways too.


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