Stop Hiding, Start Shining, Watch Your Business Blossom!

SAM_0685How do YOU limit the success of your business?

Whether you’re wanting to start a new business, or give more exposure to an existing one, you will be limiting it and yourself  if you don’t get out there more.  Duh!  Sounds obvious, but it’s more common than you might think 🙂

It’s not just about networking, by the way; there’s a lot more to hiding than sitting in front of the TV feeling vaguely guilty because you think you should be at that network evening…

If you’re doing any of the following then limitation is happening:

  • you cringe when you think of shining
  • you’re afraid of what others might think or say about you
  • confused about who your ideal clients really are
  • confused about your brand (or not even sure what a brand is!)
  • unhappy about the design of your logo, website or other publicity
  • you know you want to do videos but just can’t get round to it
  • you’ve got your business going, but want to expand it and can’t see a clear pathway

And if  your heart drops at the thought of marketing yourself,
SAM_0686then there is inner work to be done before you go anywhere near a new flier, webpage, logo or design of any kind!

This coaching package addresses all this and gets you ready to make the most of any publicity work you want to do.

It’s based on exactly what I did for myself after my husband died and all I wanted to do was hide.  Well, I did hide for a bit. Quite a long bit, actually, but then I realised that I did need to get out there and thus began the process of  ‘coming out’.

This resulted in not only doubling my income, but also putting in place my high end coaching package, and having 6 clients sign up for it within 4 months.  So I can personally vouch for the success of all the tools in this particular package.

During the Stop Hiding, Start Shining Coaching Package, you will:

  • Identify how your hiding is showing up in your business and your life
  • Discover WHY you are hiding
  • Become comfortable with being seen
  • Create a safe way to emerge into the world so people can easily find you
  • Learn the basics about marketing and branding
  • Understand what practical steps you need to take to stay visible
  • Translate all this into a practical map of you being out there in the world, going where you want to go

At this point you will be ready, from the inside out, to create a new design, logo or website; start with the basics of a marketing strategy (for instance, setting up an automated mailing list if you haven’t got one already), and discover that letting yourself shine in the form of your publicity can be a pleasure rather than a pain!  Now wouldn’t that be nice!


The first step is to contact me for a no-obligation, free Start Shining half hour with me by phone, Skype or face-to-face.   In this, we’ll determine exactly what is the next step forward for your business.

What the package contains:

  •  A pre-programme questionnaire so you arrive, committed and ready to go on your first session
  • 3 hours of face to face, Skype or phone coaching – can be taken in any manner over a period of 6 weeks.
  • Your own personalized forum where you can comment, brainstorm, and easily communicate back and forth with me between our coaching sessions.
  • A series of PDF, MP3 or video exercises to complete as homework.


How do I apply for the programme?

You need to have a complimentary half hour session with me first, in order for me to assess that this really is the right thing for you to do. If it’s not, I’ll suggest something more suitable, either with me or someone else whom I respect. Email me now to arrange this.


Why can’t I just go straight ahead with developing my marketing?

You can.  But my marketing and branding colleagues have told me that they too often meet with people who need to get clear they actually WANT to be out there more, because if you’re not 100% clear about this, it gets reflected in woolly thinking around your message to your market, which means you end up paying for something that just isn’t perfect – or you can’t even get started. So first things first – take care of what’s getting in the way of you shining in the world, and then you can move on to the specifics of how to do that.

I really don’t like doing marketing much – will this programme mean that will change?

In the process of discovering why you are only poking part of you up over the hill, and then stepping up and out more into the world from the inner perspective, you may very well discover that marketing is actually something you enjoy doing.  That certainly happened to me – I used to think I hated marketing, but now I don’t even think of what I do as that – I just love showing people who are already interested, what is available.  Leonie Dawson said it all:

“Marketing is about opening the doors to allow people IN to our business to be healed & helped by our gifts.”

Part of me would like to shine, but another part really wants to stay hidden!  Is there any point in doing this programme if I feel like that?

The magic of this coaching is that because it’s tailored to your particular circumstances, together we can address the part that wants to hide, and find out what it’s unique gift is to you.  When that is acknowledged, shining becomes much more attractive.

Email now for your Start Shining free half hour with Jane!







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