When Affirmations Definitely Don’t Work

I can’t say that!
That’s not true, though.
That’s just silly.
No, I won’t say that!
How can I say one thing while believing another?

These are all responses I have heard recently from one source or another when the person has been faced with saying a positive affirmation as a way to begin to counteract a belief they would rather not have. Here’s an example:

Negative Belief: I never have enough time to do all that I want to do.
Positive Affirmation: I always have enough time to do what I want to do. Continue reading

Have YOU Got a Spiritual Business? (Part One)

Remember how the word ‘massage’ used to only conjure up an image of a seedy backstreet in a red light district, and catering to unusual sexual tastes? That was over twenty or thirty years ago, and now the term massage is widely accepted to mean what it is – a treatment covering many different modalities, dealing with many different health issues, but all of them about bringing the person into better health. In other words, it is perfectly respectable and well-accepted by the general public.

I think the term ‘spiritual business’ is going to become more and more acceptable, too – it might take another twenty of thirty years, but especially in the light of so much evidence of corruption in recent years, the credit crunch and the disillusionment with banks and the banking system, something has got to change. Continue reading

How Your Mindset Influences Your Business

People talk about mindset all the time but what do they really mean? It’ s defined in www.freedictionary.com as:

a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations.

Let’s break this down:  if it’s a habit, it’s probably become a habit over time, very likely without you noticing it. This is why when you’re asked what your beliefs are, it’s often a good idea to do some kind of exercise that unearths them, as you’ll be so used to them you won’t even realise they are a belief! Continue reading

A new way of seeing your affirmation

I heard a great suggestion for an affirmation today.  When you say to yourself ‘I am a successful business person‘ (or whatever your affirmation is) you might find it difficult to believe.

Usually I suggest that you check out the Step by Step Rich Thoughts process to help you get to a plac where you really do believe it, and feel it to be true.

However, here’s another idea: instead of saying ‘I am…‘ replace it with ‘He says….‘ or ‘She thinks….‘.

So the statement becomes:

He says I’m a successful business person, or She thinks I’m a successful business person.

It’s coming in the back door of the mind and catching it unawares. Try it with your next affirmation and see what happens!

5 Essential Tips for Dealing with Shocks and Uncertainty

It’ s funny, isn’ t it, how the human race behaves as if it knows what is going to be happening from minute to minute. Most of us do this, most of the time. It is understandable of course, as there is a certain rhythm to life in that the sun rises and sets, the trees lose their leaves and then they grow again, and the sea continues to roll onto the shores of the beach, wave after wave. There are variations of course, in that sometimes we don’ t see the sun for the clouds, the leaves may fall earlier or later, and the waves may be bigger or smaller. But on the whole, there is some sense of

So I think we can forgive ourselves for behaving as if we know what is going to happen in the next minute! The trouble with this idea only comes when plans are made and then circumstances occur to thwart us in the delivery of the plans. Continue reading