Beautiful affirmation!

On my RichThinking Way class this week, one participant mentioned a really beautiful affirmation that I asked could I share with you. here it is:

“I am a treasured gift and I honour myself by being gentle and compassionate when I’m disconnected, and remind myself of the peace within”.

She said this with such self-love I felt enveloped by it, even though I was at the end of the phone!

21 Inspiring, Practical Ways to Use Affirmations and Have Them Really Work for You

‘Every thought you think or speak is an affirmation” says Louise L. Hay, founder of Hay House Publishing company and author or the famous ‘You Can Heal Your Life’.

Every thought.  That’s quite something.  And it’s true – so either you are thinking a negative affirmation, a positive one or a neutral one.  If an affirmation is something you say or think, as if it were true, regardless of whether it really is true or not, then what you say or think is really important. Continue reading

What’s up on your wall?

SAM_1167-300x225One of my favourite affirmations is stating that no matter what the outer circumstances are, only good will come out of the situation I find myself in. This of course is an attitude of life, where you determine to find the positive in whatever life brings you.  What it doesn’t mean is you get to only feel positive!  Rather, I use it in 3 ways:

to help me feel better when times are tough

to direct my mind onto a path that is more nourishing than thinking the opposite

to remind myself that I have an option about how I think about my life situation

So I have this poster that I made up in my office.

Why You Don’t Have More Clients and What To Do About It From the Inside Out

I’m doing everything I should be doing, putting fliers out, advertising my services, talking to people about what I do, got a website, and still I only see just enough clients – what am I doing wrong?” Continue reading