The Difference Between ‘Taking Action’ and ‘Action Happening’

The theme of ‘not doing’ seems to be around a lot at the moment

But how can you not do? Surely just the fact you are a human being includes doing? And especially in business, where there are many thousands of successful business people saying you must implement, you must take action, you must keep taking steps towards your goals. How on earth can ‘not doing’ have a place in this? Continue reading

What Are You Accepting or Not Accepting in Your Business?


It seems that accepting you are dying, or that a loved one is dying, must be by far the most challenging thing to accept in life, and I’d agree. But this doesn’t mean that accepting ‘what is’ is much easier in any other situation. That’s because, although it appears to be the circumstances that are the difficult things to accept, it is in fact how much we push away what is presented to us in each moment, that really causes the problem. The situation itself simply is – it just exists. Whether you like it or not is another matter, and that’s where the judgment comes in, and trouble begins. Continue reading